Look After You- The Sequel

Kari is now living with the Tomlinson's. She couldn't be happier. As her new life and love now grows she still and will always struggle with her being blind. But being blind is the least of her problems. She has new struggles. With friends, love and her new life. Sad and both happy, Louis and her are strong but as she faces her new battle will it tear them both apart? Or will they be stronger and never leave each other? But the biggest question is will she ever see again? Find out in Look After You- The Sequel.


1. Life Now...

If you could go back, would you?

Would you change the things that you said?

The things you did?

Your entire life?

The people you love?

The people who,

Look After You.


Louis' P.O.V.

"Come on Kari." I said rushing her out of her room.

"Calm your buns Tomlinson." She shouted still in her room. I chuckled. I walked into her room and saw her putting on her shoes. I bent down and helped her. Once they were tied I handed her, her walking stick and lead her out of our room. Its been 8 months since Kari has been blind. But it seems like she's still the same Kari everyone knows and loves. Life here has changed a lot. We both have graduated from tutoring with Jack and now we start out own lives. We still live with my mum, Until ;). Anyway I am now 21 and Kari is now 20. I feel like she's getting even more beautiful by the second, I'm glad to have her. My whole life was in this beautiful, sparkling body. I kissed her soft cheek. A wide smile spread on her lips. I lead her out of the house and near the car. I helped her in closed the door and made my way to the other side sitting in the drivers seat and starting the car. I gripped her hand in mine and looked at the small new tattoo she had on her wrist she got with me about a month ago saying "Love is Blind."  And I looked at my wrist which had the same thing. I loved her. And that was all the mattered.

"Hurry up your gonna be late for work." She said. I looked at the clock. '8:20' I was gonna be late if we wasted anytime. I started the car and drove off.

"Now your rushing me. Miss. I-don't-know-how-to-put-my-shoes-on." I said teasing her. She stuck her tongue out at me. I chuckled at her face and that she wasn't even looking in my direction.

"No one likes a complainer." She said laughing. I chuckled and continued to drive.

Finally after 10 minutes I found Janet's house. Her and Kari have become really good friends. But I still wasn't to crazy about her. I wasn't really crazy about my girlfriend staying over my ex' house when I went to work. Before she got out of the car I told her what I always told her before she went to Janet's house.


"If anything happens call you, Johannah or Kennedy and we will pick you up and drive me to your job. I know babe. I'm not a little girl." She told me. I nodded and placed a big kiss on her pink lips.

"Good." I said with a smile. I opened my door and made my way to her side and opened the door for her. I lead her in front of Janet's house. In a flash Janet opened the door and embraced Kari quick. A wide smile was pasted on both their lips. I in the other hand stayed serious. I still hold a grudge over what Janet did. Kari and her are now friends and all but I don't really trust her.

"It feels like forever since I've seen you." Janet said.

"Its only been a day." I told her. I saw Kari's face turn into a frown. I hugged Kari goodbye and whispered in her ear. "Sorry." And placed a kiss on her lips.

"Now go you don't wanna be late." Kari said. I nodded and walked back into the car. I waited until Kari was safely in the house before I pulled away. Call me overprotective but I don't want my baby to be hurt. And soon after she was in I drove to my destination.

I quickly made it to work with 5 minutes to spare. I opened the gym doors to see all of our players practicing on their own. I made my way to my assistant coach Harry.

"Your Late." He told me not even looking up from his clipboard.

"I have 5 more minutes so I'm technically early." I said.

"Still." He answered.

"Listen I had to drop off Kari at Janet's" I told him. "And anyways I'm to coach. I can be late if I wanted to." I said chuckling. Harry laughed with me.

"HaHa Very funny." He said sarcastically. I picked up and whistle and blow hard into it. Soon all the players were lined up in there rows in the gym.

"Goodmorning." I shouted to the players.

"Morning." They answered. I worked as a Head coach for the 2013 teenage soccer team in Doncaster. It was something that I have always wanted to do and now for six months I was living my dreams. I paced back and forth in the front row of players making sure that they all had their jerseys on. Harry checked the back row. I stopped when I found one boy with no jersey. I walked over to him.

"Where's your jersey?" I asked him.


"That's unacceptable." I said. I blew my whistle. "Since Mr. Andrews here doesn't want to wear his jersey everyone has to deal with the consequences." I shouted.  I heard complaints come from every player.

"Nice going Adam." I heard one of the players say to Adam Andrews. I heard Harry blow his whistle making them quiet.

"Now. We will all start 25 push ups, then 50 laps around the gym." I said. More complaints where heard.

"Coach that's not fair. Just because one didn't come in a Jersey doesn't mean everyone has to pay." Adam said.

"Well Mr. Andrews, If one person misses the final goal on game day it affects the whole team from winning. Doesn't it? You don't come with your Jersey the entire team pays the consequences." I told him. I blew my whistle and soon they started.


Kari's P.O.V.

"So how are Lou and You holding up?" Janet asked me. I took one last sip of my water before I spoke.

"Good. Now that he has a job he's helping Joe (Johannah) pay rent. Has some money for himself now. And are relationship is getting stronger." I told her. "But he wanted to move out with me. But I don't think we should move out yet." I said.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Because I think Johannah still needs us, you know? Like Cassie is 13 now. And she can use some more help I think." I honestly said. Being with Lou is something I've always wanted but Joe can use are help too. Well at least for a little while.

"Well if you move in together you and Lou will have some more alone time if you know what I mean." I heard the teasing in her voice.

"Oh my god!" I said blushing. I got my walking stick and found my way to the kitchen. I threw out my water bottle. I now felt it was easier to move around since I got used to the fact that I was blind. I don't really mind it anymore. Now I know that its part of my life now. I felt for a seat and when found I took a seat and rubbed my left wrist that had my tattoo on it. Lou and me had matching ones. He wanted me to get it and after a while of thinking I agreed. Even though I cant see it I know the meaning how much it affects our life together. I heard the phone ring.

"Janet the phone!!" I shouted feeling around the counter for the bowl of fruit. Once found I took out an apple and started eating.

"Hello." I heard Janet answer the phone. "Uh huh...Oh really?...Ok I'll make sure to tell mum...Yeah...She's fine...Sure." I felt her grab my hand and put the phone in it. "Its Lou."

"Not even an Hour without you and you call me." I told him holding the phone to my ear. I heard Janet giggle as I felt her take a seat in front of me.

"Sorry I guess I missed you too much." He said on the other end.

"Mhm. So what's up?" I asked him.

"I was wondering after lunch with Janet you can stop by at the gym I wanna show you something." He said.

"Show me what?" I asked curiously.

"Its a surprise." I heard him say.

"Ugh!! Fine. Talk to you later." I told him.

"Ok Love you baby."

"Love you too."


"Bye." And with that I hung up.

"What did he say?" Janet asked.

"He wants me to go to the gym after lunch with you he said he has something to show me. Can you give me a ride?" I asked.

"Of course."

"What did he call you about?" I asked her.

"My brother Adam didn't have his Jersey on again."

"Isn't this like the 5th time Janet?"

"Yep. He doesn't like Lou. I don't know why?" She said. I shrugged. I wonder why he didn't like Lou. Maybe Lou did something to him. I know Lou can be very striked.

"Well Lets have lunch then I have to go." I told her.



Louis' P.O.V.

I waited outside the gym waiting to see Janet's car pull up. The boys were still inside doing what I told them to do. Most of them were throwing up in garbage cans from running to much. But if they came prepared they wouldn't be going through that. I didn't find myself striked just determined. I saw Janet's car pull up couple feet away. I walked to her car and helped Kari out. She hugged me once she was out. I rubbed her back. Even though it was only 3 hours since I last saw her I still missed her body in my arms. I kissed her lips multiple times.

"I missed you." I told her laughing.

"It was only a few hours." She said.

"Not to me." I said. I grabbed her hand and her bag. "Thanks Janet." I said looking into the car. She nodded.

"Bye Kari." She said.

"Bye." Kari said putting her head on my shoulder.  And soon Janet pulled away.

"Come on." I said and lead her into the Gym. She held onto my arm when we were in there. She had her sunglasses on too. She didn't like strangers seeing her eyes for some reason. I think she gets embarrassed sometimes. But she shouldn't, she's perfect. She left her walking stick in the hallway. I didn't like her using it when she was with me. Cause I would lead her everywhere. I was her walking stick. We walked into the gym. I saw the players walking around the gym instead of running.

"Hey! I never said to walk!" I shouted at them.

"Your so mean." Kari whispered/ laughed at me.

"What its the truth." I told her. And soon the boys were running. We walked toward the bleachers. I sat her down and Harry came over.

"Hey Kari." He said touching her hand.

"Hi!" she said looking in straight. I saw he didn't take his hand away from hers. I pulled his hand off.

"Watch it Styles. Remember I'm the one paying you." I told him. He chuckled and sighed and got back to work. I poured Kari a cup of Gatorade I took her hand and placed it in it I didn't let go till she gripped the cup. She sipped on it for a little while and I took a seat next to her.

"What did you have to show me? " She asked.

"Oh that's later. Right now I want you with me." I said holding onto her waist and kissing her cheek. I saw small little red patched appear on her cheeks. I loved when she blushed.

"Coach." I heard a player say. I turned my head to him. "Can we stop now? Please, have the class is vomiting up a storm please." He panted.

"Babe." Kari said. "What did we say?" She said. I remembered how we talked about me taking it easy on the players Kari says I can get out of hand sometimes.

"Fine." I blew the whistle. All the boys stopped running. They were sweating and out of breath. "You all can stop running! But! If any of you come unprepared one more time! You care permanently out of the team! Do I make myself clear!?" I shouted.

"Yes Coach!" the boys shouted back. I gave Harry the signal. He blew the whistle.

"Everyone in their positions." He said. I stood up.

"Be right back baby." I told her and kissed her cheek. I ran to the players and got ready for practice.

Kennedy's P.O.V.

I ran into the gym once I saw Kari. I sat next to her and hugged her.

"Um who is this?" She asked nervously.

"Its me silly." I said. She immediately hugged back recognizing my voice.

"Omg what are you doing here?" she asked face light up.

"Tutoring 13 year old girl." I told her with a sigh.

"Really that bad?" She asked.

"Terrible. They don't pay any attention." I told her. She chuckled. She felt for my hands and put the cup she was holding in my hand.

"Can you fill this up for me?" She asked.

"Yeah." I told her. I poured some more Gatorade in the cup and handed it back to her. She nodded and started drinking again. I watched the boys play as Kari just listened. I found it really peculiar that Kari only listened and knew what was going on better than I did.

"Hi Coach Tomlinson!" I heard Girls yell. I looked at Lou he gave a small smile and waved. I saw the girls giggle like idiots. They were the ones I tutored.

"Who's that?" Kari asked.

"That the girls I tutor they are in Love with your man." I told her. Kari smiled. "Every single time in class 'Can we go see Coach Tomlinson' 'Omg he's so cute right'. Its so annoying." I explained to Kari.

Kari laughed.

"Your a lucky girl Kari, trust me I would do anything for a slice of that." I said. As I saw Lou take off his shirt.

"Stop it!" Kari said swatting my arm. She missed the first time. Then she felt for my arm when she found it she swatted again and got it.  I chuckled.

"What your man is hot." I admitted. And it was true. I always had a crush on his but he belonged to Kari and they were meant to be together.

"What about Derek?" Kari asked. "You guys have been together longer than me and Lou have." she said.

"Well yeah." I said. "Oh get ready the girls are coming over here." I warned her. She just laughed and the girls made there way to us.

"Hi! Are you the Coach's Girlfriend?" She asked Kari.

"Yep." Kari said. She tried to face them but she didn't know where they were. I turned her head toward her. "Thank you." Kari said.

"No problem." I answered.

"So you've liked seen him naked before?" One of the girls asked.

"Whoa! I think that's enough chatting girls get back to class." I told them. They giggled and walked away. Kari had her head down blushing.

"that was interesting." She said laughing.

"Very." I agreed. The boys were finishing up and Lou walked over and kissed Kari's cheek.

"Hey Kennedy." He said.

"Sup." I said. I looked at Kari. "Did you know that was Lou?" I asked.

"Yeah." she said. "Why?"

"Cause he just kissed your cheek you cant see If that's him. What if a random boy just came and kissed your cheek?"

"I know how Lou's kisses feel like." Kari said smirking. I saw Lou smile.

"Well anyway I got to go class starts in a few." I touched Kari's hand and gave her a hug. "I'm coming over later." I told her.

"Ok," She said and soon after that I left for work once again.

Kari's P.O.V.

I heard Kennedy leave the gym. I felt over the bleachers for Lou.

"Louis?" I said wondering where he was. I didn't hear anything. "Lou?" I kept asking. But nothing.

"Boo!" I heard. I gave a small screech when he did that.

"Lou don't do that you scared me half to death!" I shouted at him. I could hear the players giggling.

"I'm sorry babe." He said laughing.

"Its not funny." I said seriously. But soon my face turned into a smile and I started to chuckle too. "Anyways. Where's my surprise?" I asked him.

"Here" He said grabbing my hand and helping me stand up. "I'll guild you too it."



OK guys I made with one a little longer and happier cause I didn't want to make Kari seem like she was depressed and stuff like that.

So I made this one Happier and a little comical. :DD

This sequel will have things that your will never expect. Like at all.


Many happy and sad things happen. So get your tissues ready ladies. XD

Thank you so much once again.

:DD <33


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