Look After You- The Sequel

Kari is now living with the Tomlinson's. She couldn't be happier. As her new life and love now grows she still and will always struggle with her being blind. But being blind is the least of her problems. She has new struggles. With friends, love and her new life. Sad and both happy, Louis and her are strong but as she faces her new battle will it tear them both apart? Or will they be stronger and never leave each other? But the biggest question is will she ever see again? Find out in Look After You- The Sequel.


6. Fun Day...

Louis' P.O.V.

"Come on everyone look alive!" I shouted at the boys as they walked onto the bus.

"Its 9:30!" One of the boys shouted.

It wasn't even that early and they were complaining. Today we were going around LA visiting some famous and fun spots. I squeezed Kari's hand as her feet tapped on the floor of the bus.

"Relax babe." I told her chuckling. I could tell she was excited. She wanted to travel and now she was so happy that she could. Sometimes I wonder what she's thinking. If she wishes to get her sight back, if she feels depressed or upset. Those kind of things. She rested her head on my shoulder as I rested my head on the head cushion on the seat.  I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"What?" I asked Harry who sat behind me.

"I know who did it yesterday to Kari." He whispered.

"How'd you find out?" I asked.

"A little birdy told me." He said. I turn to where he was sitting and saw Gabe next to him. I looked at Harry.

"He told you?" I asked.

"Mhm." I turned back around.

"Babe I'll be right back." I told her. She nodded and put in her head phones. I switched seats with Harry. I looked at Gabe he looked nervous.

"Tell me what happened." I told him. He nodded and took a deep sigh.

"Well he's been planning this for a while."

"Who?" I asked.

"Adam. He's mad at you and her cause he thinks you broke up with his sister cause of Kari and he thinks Kari was the problem. So he wants to break you guys up. Even if that means...hurting Kari."

I looked at him in shock. I felt my jaw tighten and my face flush red with anger. I wasn't letting him get away with this.

"Its him, Anthony, Ryan and Adam. I used to be apart of the group but I didn't think we would be hurting anyone just harmless pranks. I'm sorry." He admitted.

"Thank you for telling me. But Gabe your so much better than that. I forgive you and thank you for being honest." I said. I looked back to see those 3 boys sitting down on their phones. I was making sure they would all get their punishment and especially Adam. The bus stopped and I got out of the seat and in front of the bus.

"Alright boys. All of you are going with Harry stay together and don't get lost. My family and I will be traveling somewhere else. Anyone who does not follow any directions will be sent back to the hotel. Got it."

"Got it!" They said. I took Kari's hand and helped her out of the bus. I handed her, her sun glasses and she immediately put them on.

"I wish I could see those pretty brown eyes." I whispered in her ear. She just gave a small smile and kept her head down. I found Mum and Cassie and made sure everyone was there.

"Where to first?" Mum asked.

"Well there's a fair on this side of town." I told her. "And an amusement park." I said. I saw Cassie's face light up.

"We are going now!" She shouted. We all laughed and started walking. Kari's arm stayed around mine. We didn't let her bring her walking stick. I thought it would be better if she would trust me and let me help her. It took a lot but she agreed.


"Again!" Cassie shouted after her and I got off the first Roller-coaster.  I chuckled and looked at her.

"Don't you think you want to settle before you go on that thing again?" I asked her feeling quite sick. She shook her head and ran to mum. I walked over to Kari still dizzy from the speedy ride. I sat next to her and pulled her on my lap. She chuckled and felt over my legs.

"You know sometimes I enjoy that you cant see." I told her.

"Why?" She asked curiously.

"Cause you feel all over me." I told her smoothly. She blushed and put her face in her hands. She felt up my arm to my head and placed a small kiss on my forehead. Soon she buried her head in my neck and gave me a warm pleasing squeeze.

"Come on Lou, One more time!!" I heard Cassie shouted.

"Ok I'll be right there!" I yelled back. "I'll be right back ok?" I told her she nodded. I felt bad. She couldn't go on most rides. She wouldn't get the thrill of being there. I wish she could see though. How much she's matured too. I kissed her soft pink lips. They turned into a smile.

"You'll be ok here?" I asked her.

She chuckled. "Of course I will." She said. I sat her back down and ran to go on the ride again with Cass.

                        We walked around more. We stopped and played some games. We won something almost every time for Cassie.

"We'll be right back we have to go to the toilet." Mum told us. I nodded and she walked with Cassie to the bathroom. I brought Kari closer.

"Now Its time for me to win something for you." I told her.

"Why? You've already won me over." She said. I smiled and kissed her lips.

"Good one Cheeky but I want to get you something." I told her. She smiled and held onto my arm tighter as we walked to the first game I saw. It said 'Test You Strength'. To play you needed to hit the pad with the hard foam hammer so that the beam will fly to the top and we would here a bell.

"Found one?" She asked.

"Mhm. Now stay here don't move." I told her. I watched her as I walked onto the plate to play. "What do I have to do to get that big teddy bear over there?" I asked the worker.

"Just get it straight to the top then you can go." He said. Before I watched a lot of men, well 'strong' men, try this. Most of them didn't get it. I hoped I would though. I know It would make Kari's day. He handed me the hammer and I looked over at Kari she was just looking straight and her hands were together. I knew she was nervous that she could get hurt so I had to make it fast. I lifted the hammer in the air to get my strength going I thought of things that made me want to hit this pad hard. I thought of the day that changed my life forever, the day Kari got hurt, and my dad. Soon I banged the hammer on the pad and when the bell sounded I knew I succeeded. I looked over at Kari who was smiling a wide grin I knew when she heard the bell she knew I won. The worker passed me the large Teddy-bear. It was about half the size of me, tan and very soft. I ran over to Kari and picked her up. She squealed a little but knew it was me once I kissed her lips. She pulled on my hair and laughed.

"I guess you did it?" She said.

"You guess correctly." I said I took out her hands and placed them on the large teddy bear. She felt over the face and ran her hands through its fur. "Like it?" I asked. She smiled and nodded.

"Its fluffy!" She squealed. I giggled and kiss her cheek. She grabbed the teddy bear and hugged it. "Thanks Lou." She said. I nodded and walked with her around. I loved how she clung to my arm so tightly. Its made me feel like she really trusted me. Everyone asked me if I cared if she was blind. And the honest answer was, No, I didn't care. I didn't care if she was blind, deaf, fat, skinny. Just as long as she was her. I wouldn't have fallen in love with no greater person.

"Louis Tomlinson." I heard a familiar male voice say. I turned around toward the voice to see someone I wasn't fond of. Zach.

"Hey." I said seriously.

"Lou who's that?" Kari whispered.

"Just a player on the team." I whispered back as He walked toward me.

"What are you doing here." He asked with a smirk.

"Spending time with Family you know?" I told him.

"Yeah I guess so. So who do we have here." He asked extending his hand to Kari.

"Um yeah, Zach this is my girlfriend Kari, and Kari this is Zach he's on my team for the game." He left his hand there waiting for a shake. I took her hand and placed it on his he shook it quickly and she pulled her hand back.

"What she cant shake for herself?" He asked chuckling.

"No she cant." I told him sternly. "She's blind." I said.

"Oh that's right your girlfriend is blind I remember Coach telling me." He said with a suspicious smirk. I could tell Kari was getting antsy. She clung onto my arm tighter.

"Coach telling you?" I asked with annoyance in my voice.

"Well yeah." He said dumbly. "If there a problem with me knowing she's blind? Is it a secret or some sort?" He asked making a joke out of it. I knew he was doing this to get under my skin.

"Lou I wanna leave." Kari whispered in my ear. I nodded.

"Please excuse us we have to go." I said sternly. Before he could say anything I walked away fast. Kari almost tripped trying to keep up. Once we were far away from him I stopped.

"I don't know why." She said. "But I have a bad feeling about him." She said.

"Me too." I told her. I kissed her head. "Don't worry babe. We'll be fine." I said.



I misses all of you so much!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while my laptop got a virus. -_-

But its fixed and now I can finally post. :DD

So I've been talking about posting a couple of new stories. And one is a Harry F.F.

Well that story is on hold right now. :( I lost like all of my work.

Anyway instead of only 1D I was wondering if anyone would like an Ed Sheeran or Justin Bieber FanFiction.

I need to choose whether Ed or Justin and I cant make up my mind. So if its not to much trouble can you please comment which one you would like. PLEASE!! Or you can kik me the one you want or theme. My kik is "Hazza_Cat2194

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