Look After You- The Sequel

Kari is now living with the Tomlinson's. She couldn't be happier. As her new life and love now grows she still and will always struggle with her being blind. But being blind is the least of her problems. She has new struggles. With friends, love and her new life. Sad and both happy, Louis and her are strong but as she faces her new battle will it tear them both apart? Or will they be stronger and never leave each other? But the biggest question is will she ever see again? Find out in Look After You- The Sequel.


3. Airport...

Adam's P.O.V.

I sat on my bed packing my things. Tomorrow the whole team was leaving to America to see Coach play. I didn't want to go. I hated Coach Tomlinson. Everyone keeps asking me why. 'Why do you hate Coach Tomlinson?' Everyone doesn't stop asking. Well you know why I really hate him. I'm Janet's brother and Coach Tomlinson was her boyfriend about 2 years ago. She was so happy with him. And I was too. He would him play soccer and coach me whenever he came over. But ever since he broke her heart she's been different. He broke her Freakin heart for that damn Kari girl.

"Bitch." I whispered to myself.

Lou was like an older brother for me. But ever since that blind chick walked into his life he broke Janet's heart. And no one, ever breaks my sisters heart. I may be only 15 but I know things he doesn't. Janet says she's over him but I can see him her eyes she really does want Lou back. And that's what I'm gonna do. I don't care if its breaking Kari and Lou apart. Or even hurting one of them. Anything to make my sister happy. I will do. I finished packing my things and put my suitcase on the side and climbed into bed, waiting for tomorrow to arrive.


Louis' P.O.V.

Kari rested her head on my shoulder as I put my arm around her in the airport. I couldn't see if she was asleep or awake cause of her sunglasses. I peeked over them and saw her eyes closed. I kissed the top of her head. I knew she was tired. It was 7 am and we had to catch a flight early cause of the time difference.

"Lou? You hungry?" I heard my mum ask. I shook my head. "Me and Cassie are gonna get something just call me if you change your mind." She said. I nodded and they walked to the food court. I could see Harry in the front of the airport counting the players. And soon when he was done he brought them all over and they all took a seat.

"Hey, Man." Harry said quietly. "She asleep?" He said pointing at Kari.


"Ok so while your here I have the schedule of how things are going to go down ok?" He said. I nodded and told him to carry on. "Well when we get there its gonna be about 11 o'clock. So we will check in to the hotel with the boys and everyone then you have practice."

"What about unpacking?" I asked.

"Well practice starts at 11:45 so you will only have about 20 minutes to check into the hotel then you need to go. And don't worry someone will get your things unpacked. Now practice is until 3:00pm."



"That's too late." I exclaimed. "I didn't just come to America to practice I came to travel and have fun also." I told him.

"Well that schedule only is for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since its Tuesday you will do that schedule."

"What about the Monday Wednesday and Friday schedule."

"Practice starts at 5 am too 11am." He said.

"Not that bad." I told him.

"But on Monday you have a small formal party for all the player. FORMAL LOUIS." He exclaimed.

"Ok, Ok."

"So there's a lot of classy people. So make sure you have manners. I will be going with you so will Kari and that's it." He said.

"Ok mum." I said with a teasing tone. He looked at me raising his right eye brow. "Fine I get it suit and manners." I told him. He smiled and nodded.

I felt Kari squirm under my arm and snuggle closer into my chest.

"Does she have a sister?" Harry asked.

"No why?" I said.

"Cause beauty must run in the family." He said. I hit his arm and brought Kari closer. "I'm just kidding." He said chuckling.

"Hey Coach!" I heard one of the boys yell.

"Shhh!" I said pointing to Kari. They nodded and walked over.

"Coach?" They whispered.


"We need to use the bathroom."

"Are you serious you guys are like 14 and 15 years old." I explained. Really? They could've made sure by using it at home. I got up and laid Kari down no the seat. "Watch her with your life." I told Harry. "If anything happens to her, your fired." I told him sternly. He smiled and shoed me away. I walked with the hand full of boys to the rest room.

"You have 10 minutes." I told them. I waited near the door way. I heard a small chat coming from one of the stalls.

"You got them?" One of them asked.

"Of course I do." The other said. I heard them all gasp. "Well break into them at the hotel." The same boy said.

"What about the other things, for the chick?" One of them said.

"Don't worry I got it covered." the voice from before said.

And soon they all casually exited the stall. I looked at each boy. But the one that stand out to me the most was Adam. I didn't know what they were talking about but it sounded like they were up to know good. They all exited the bathroom like nothing happened. But I was determined to find out what is going to happen. We walked back and I made sure to keep a close eye at the boys. We sat back down and I pulled Kari back next to me.

"Everything ok?" Harry asked.

"I'll talk to you about it on the plane." I told him. Harry was my bestfriend. Ever since me and Derek aren't best friends anymore Harry has been there a lot. I sorta forgot about Derek and Derek has forgotten about me. But Kari still keeps in touch with him. I don't know why.

"Lou?" I heard her whisper.

"Goodmorning." I said happily giving her a small peck on the lips. Kari didn't really want me showing her a lot of affection like I normally do. She didn't want that much affection when the players were around. Again, I don't know why. she yawned and stretched her arms then cuddled back into my chest.

"Can we leave already?" She asked tiredly.

"When they call our plane babe." I told him rubbing her back softly. I heard my mum and Cassie come back my mum handed me 2 bottles of juice. She pointed to Kari. I nodded. "Come on baby sit up." I told her. She did so and once again stretched. I took her hand and placed the juice bottle in her hand.

"Its already open." I told her. She felt along the rim and placed it on her lips. I saw some of the boys come and sit in front of her.

"How long have you been blind?" One of them asked. She jumped. I could tell she didn't know that they were there.

"You scared me." She said chuckling. "Um about 8 or 9 months." She said.

"Can you read and stuff?" One of them asked.

"Well yeah. But I need to read a type of book for the blind."

"Well how do you do that?" One of them asked.

"Well instead of seeing the word you touch the words. There are little bumps on pages on a blind book." She felt for her bag and I handed it to her. She felt inside the bag and soon she pulled out on of her books. She handed it to them. But I had to guild her hand in their direction. "Like this one." She said. The boys flipped through the pages. They kept asking her questions and talking to her. They were talking to her more than me. I wasn't going to lie I was getting a little jealous. To see her laugh at their jokes and what they were saying. But I saw the boys admiring her. Watching her and not taking their eyes off her face.

"Watch out Lou. There about to steal her." Harry whispered in my ear.

"Ha! I don't think so." He said seriously. I took Kari's hand. And placed a kiss on her knuckles. She smiled blushed she put her head down. That's when I knew that everything was fine. When she blushed it meant she still felt something for me. So I knew it was ok.

"Plane 1224 please aboard plane. Plane 1224 please aboard plane. Thank you." the announcer said.

"That's us." I said. I helped Kari up.

"Can I sit with you?" One of the boys asked Kari.


"Sorry boys your sitting with the team." I told them. I lifted my eye brow at them. They knew what that meant.

"Bye Kari." the boys said.

"Bye." she said and I lead her to the plane with me. "Lou, you didn't have to do that." She told me.

"What we are in first class and they are in a the casual side." I told her. She shrugged and held onto my arm as I guided her out. I picked her up in my arms and walked up the steps boarding the plane.

"Ok boy's that way. Harry, mum and Cassie this way." I said pointing to the right. The boys walked to where they needed to be seated and we took a seat in the first class part of the plane. I could see my mum looking around.

"Wow Lou. How did you get us up here." She said.

"The Coach from our team I'm playing with paid for us to be here." I told her. She nodded and took a seat. I sat Kari on the window side. It would've been easier to protect her. I took a seat next to her. She felt along the arm rest for my hand. I put it on the arm rest to it could be easier for her to find. She took it and held it with 2 hands. She placed small kisses on it. "Sorry about before." I told her.

"Its fine Lou. Just be a little nicer that's all I'm asking for." She said softly.

"Ok." I said. "Can I get a kiss now?" I asked her.

"I guess." I leaned my head into hers but before our lips touched Harry tapped my shoulder. I groaned. "Give me a sec." I told Kari. She giggled and nodded. "What!?" I scolded Harry.

"Gees! I wanted to know what you wanted to tell me before." He said.

"Ugh fine. Keep an eyes on these 4 boys. Anthony, Gabe, Ryan, and especially Adam. They were all in the bathroom talking about breaking into something." Just keep watch on them and don't let them out of you sight." I whispered to him. He nodded and walked to the boys. I turned my focus back to Kari.

"Everything ok?" She asked.

"Perfect." I told her. And I smashed my lips into her and she giggled and leaned back. My lips got tangled in hers. She felt along my chest to my neck. She pulled me down closer to her. I pushed my tongue in her mouth and she finally let it in. I held onto her waist as she held onto my chest and neck. Things were getting heated until,

"Coach-, woe!" I heard someone say. Kari immediately pushed me off and hid her face in her hands hiding the dark red blush spread all on her cheeks.

"What?!" I asked annoyed at one of the players.

"I just wanted to know where the bathroom was." He said.

"Isn't harry with you?" I asked him.


"Then why don't you ask him?"

"He told me to ask you." I sighed and looked back.

"Its in the back to the left. Now please we are about to start flying sit down. And you cant come up here so I suggest you go back in your seat." I said. He nodded and ran back. I looked at Kari who was still blushing. I kissed her cheek.

"That was so embarrassing. " She said. I chuckled and but her seat belt on her. She rested her head back and I held onto her hand.

"Hello passengers. Please turn off all cell phones, and electronic devices." The fight attendant stated. I pulled out my phone and shut it off. "Everyone please stay in your seats until told to get up. You will be landing in LA in approximately 10 hours. Thank you and enjoy your flight." She said. Her fake smile never leaving her face. I buckled in and as soon as everyone was we lifted off.

"Ready Beautiful?" I asked Kari.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

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