5 seconds of summer



1. friends

We were just two normal,English collage students, studying in Australia  This was such a big deal for me and my friend Megan. We loved every part of AAustralia, it was just so beautiful with its sun and scenery. Anyway, lets get to the point...my friend loved one direction, she adored them. She had seen them live in the UK on her break there in the last holidays. As all bands do, there was a support act on before the main band, and that was 5 seconds of summer. The were just 4 normal lads from Sydney, Aus. Megan, was out one day and all four of them walked up to her and they just started chatting and got along really well, especially her and Calum. So...they came to our apartment almost every night to hang out. They were so easy to talk to and are mega talented!!

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