5 seconds of summer


2. concert

The next week....

So we have been getting along so well with the boys, theyre amazing! The other day we were all on xbox and the lads asked me and megan to tour the us with  them, we were thrilled. we had time out of studying and why not? secretly me and ashton were getting along really well,i found his diary on his bed in gus the tour bus...the front was all scribbled on with my name and hearts, i was confused. i took a sneaky look inside,it said "i think i have finally found my true love, Jess is so beautiful, but wouldnt go for a guy like me, i think i love her" i dropped the book and ran outside of the bus to find ashton signing photos and stuff, i grabbed him and whispered in his ear "i love you" and hugged him! all of the girls were staring at me, but oh well. he said it back to me, i felt like they greatest person in the world at that one moment. He said quietly "your mine forever, i love you" we went back in to the bus...none of the other boys were in here, ashton said "your sharing my bed tonight, we can snuggle, i miss that" i fiished with "aw,you cutie" and pulled him closer. 

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