5 seconds of summer


3. backstage

Hola Diary, im just currently having the best time of my life! Me and Ash are officially together,all of the boys are supporting him, which is good. Megan is still in the 'friend zone' with Cal though, I have a plan though. I will talk to Megan and Ash will talk to Calum and badabing badaboom there together! Today, we are in Boston! 5sos have a gig tonight,we have tickets to all of there shows&backstage passes;) Recently we have been staying with the lads backstage while they get ready for there shows,its been great. Every night before they go on stage ashton will say "i wont be long, ill be looking for you babe" then he will tuck me into his arms and hug me so tight i cant breathe,but i love it.


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