A Box Within

First place winner of the June-July Hidden Power Competition. Sometimes it takes an outsiders view to make real a life so tragic and flawed, that once shown its true colours revitalizes a need for change. It shows that sometimes the greatest power man bestows, is the ability to change their life for the betterment of something far more valuable.


7. Author's Note

In truth this is in many ways a true story. Not of one particular person I knew, but dozens melded into one, including myself. I once played on those same streets, at those parties, in that life. I played as hard as the others and suffered because of it. I saw the joy and the youth of those around me fade into something dirty, and eventually they disappeared entirely, one of whom I mourn to this day.


 It is however not a damning account of how youth culture and modern society has warped what we perceive to be important, nor is it a fairytale of how everything will be alright. Because it never is. Not everyone gets a chance to look at themselves, to see the box kept close to our hearts, to see what we are losing as a result of our life-style. Not everyone that sees this box chooses to open it, and even if they do it may have been already too late.


This is then just a reminder. A reminder that this box exists. Change is possible, and is there for everyone. Whether it can be seen or not. Something as life changing as pregnancy need not be the only catalyst for this desire for change, nor is it ever as easy as just opening up the box and looking inside. It takes work and effort far more than words of mine could ever portray. 

Find comfort in yourself and your friends, in those closest to you. Live a life free of regret, and live it well.

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