Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


37. You have no right Hazza

Liam's POV

Harry told me that he was dating Ariana!!!! I can't believe him he knows that she doesn't understand that he is using her to look cooler and that management told him to dat her!!! Why would he do that to Ariana especially while she's going through a rough time! With Perrie and Zayn not living together and taking a break. And her living with Jade and Jesy. It's just to much! Great now she texted me and when she text's me it means something is up... 

Ariana~ Li?

Liam~ Yes? 

Ariana~ I'm coming over!

Liam~ uhh ok

I  cleaned  the house and waited.

"Hey Li" She said crying

"What's wrong baby girl?" I asked her while sitting down beside her

"Is Harry using me for his famous look?" She choked out

"Yes love" She leaned over and cried in my chest. Why would he do this to her! Ugh! He's so full of himself!!!!! He needs to grow up. I popped in a movie and watched it while Ariana cried. I felt sorry for her! Her life was horrible! She lost her parents! She was abused! She gets a lot of hate. She misses Zayn and Perrie. Harry isn't being nice to her. She lost her brother. She's a joke to some people. I mean Jade,Jesy and I are always there for her. I know that Perrie and Zayn are but not right now... I mean she needs to find happiness in life... Poor kid... 

"OMG ARIANA!!!!!" Zayn yelled while running towards her.

"BABY!!!" Perrie yelled. They both hugged Ariana.

"We are sooooo sorry Ariana!" Perrie said

"Harry is a jerk and he shouldn't doing that!" Zayn growled.

"GROUP HUG!!!!" Louis,Jesy,Paula,Niall,Jade and I called. We all hugged and Ariana knew we had her back...

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