Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


36. Thanks

Ariana's POV 

I heard him throw pebbles at the window. I Threw my legs over the edge of the window and fell in his arms. We quickly ran towards his car.

~At his house~

Once we got to his house We turned on the TV and watched E!

"Papz found Ariana Perrie  Edwards sneaking out of her house with Harry Edward Styles!" The lady said.

"Are they dating or are Perrie Louise Edwards and Zayn Javadd Malik fighting and Harry Edward Styles came to save her?" "Find out more after the break!" I looked at Harry in shock... 

"They don't know the truth!" I said

"B-B-B-B-Both of them are true!!!" Said Harry

"What?!?!?!" I asked

"Ariana Perrie Edwards will you be my girlfriend?" He asked

I looked at him blankly "YES!!!" I yelled jumping up and down "But we can't tell anyone!" I said

"WWWWWEEEEEEELCOOOOOMEEEEEE Back to E! News!" The lady said.

"So the question is are Harry and Ariana dating?" "Well we are about to find out! To you Abbey!"

"Well I love Harry and Ariana but what's going on between them? I mean if they are dating that's a four year difference between them!" "Someone sent me a picture of their conversations together heres a look"

July 15th

Harry~ Hello Lovexx

Ariana~Hi Harry <3

Harry~How's my princess? xx

Ariana~ lol I'm good! How's my Hazza <3

Harry~I'm good Love! How's the tour??

Ariana~ It's good! There's a big storm and I'm chilling with my Zayn xx

Harry~ YOUR MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ariana~ Hahaha I know! Have to go bye Love you xx <3

Harry~ Bye Babe <3 xx'

January 5th

Ariana~ Harry I miss you :(

Harry~ I miss you too Boo </3

Ariana~ Tell Zayn to take you guys home!

Harry~ Sorry Boo only 3 more weeks the I'm all yours ;)

Ariana~ Ok :D

Harry~ Have to go Boo BYEEEE <3


"Wow!" "Now we are going to go to weather!"

I dialed the E! news' number and called

"Hello" I said angry

"Oh looks like we have a call! Hello" she said


"Ariana are you guys dating?!?!" She asked

"NO NOW BUZZ OFF!!!!!" I cried then hung up. I cried into Harry's chest until I ran out of tears. Why? Why us?? But the warmth of Harry made me happy!

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