Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


56. Test

Perrie's POV

I got Ariana to buy me a Pregnancy test. I took it and waited.

"ARIANA IT'S READY!!!!" I yelled. Ariana ran up the stairs and she looked at the test with a shocked face...

"What??????" I asked nervous

"I-I-I-It's a POSITIVE!" She yelled sad trying to be happy

"OMG YAY!!!!!!!" I yelled

"Yay!" She said running

Ariana's POV

When I found out Perrie was pregnant I was hurt! I ran to my room and cried...

Luke<3: Perrie told me you were sad :(


Luke<3: Baby want me to come over?

Ariana~ I don't want to bug you...

Luke<3~Awww Princess you aren't!!!!!!! <3

Ariana~Okay... Please come over! Bring Ashton and Calum too!

Luke<3~ What about Mike?

Ariana~He hates me :/

Luke<3~ Okay be there soon baby!!

When the boys got to my place I cried into Luke's chest and told them everything..

"Awwe Baby!" Ashton said hugging me

"It's okay sweetie!" Calum said

"Princess?" Luke asked

"Yes?" I said as he made me look up at him

"I'll be here"

"US TOO!!!" Ashton and Calum said at the same time. I stood up and hugged them.

"You know your kinda short!" Ashton laughed

"I know" I pouted

"Well that means I can protect you" Luke winked. I laughed until my phone went off... Great Zayn texted me...

Zayn~ Ariana what's wrong?

Ariana~ NOTHING!
Zayn~ Okay okay

I laughed and hugged all the boys again... Luke popped in a movie and we watched it. I snuck downstairs and stole ice cream and stole it from Perrie...

"HEY!" She yelled chasing me

"PERRIE JOIN US!" Ashton yelled. We all curled up on the bed and watched a movie. I guess I was over reacting...

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