Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


86. Swimming

Ariana's POV

That dinner was boooorrrrrinnggggg!!!!! I mean all they did was eat like ladies and stuff! I'm a girly girl and all but that was like dinner with drying paint! So Perrie and I are going swimming again! I walked downstairs in a yellow one piece and Ava had a similar one on! We ran into the pool and Marcy and Perrie got water guns and squirted us! I got little Ava to splash Perrie got mad! And stole Ava from me!

"HEY THAT'S MY BABY!!!!!!!!" I yelled

"HAHA SUCKER!" Perrie yelled while running towards the beach house.

"You can have me Auntie!" Marcy said cutely

"OKAY DEAL!" I laughed picking her up and running.

Perrie's POV

I took out my phone and went on Instagram.

"HAHA I STOLE ARIANA'S BABY!" I said showing Ava

"YOU'LL NEVER GET HER BACK AGAIN ARIANA!" I yelled then posted it to Instagram.

"GIVEME MY BABY BACK!" Ariana yelled

"No!" I yelled

"Fine!" Ariana yelled running with Marcy towards the water then threw her in.

"MARCY!!!!" I yelled

"GIVE ME AVA!!!" Ariana yelled.

"Fine!" I said running and giving her Ava.

"MARCY MARCY!!!" I yelled

"Yes Mommy?"  Marcy said bating her eyes

"DID SHE THROW YOU IN!?!?!" I yelled

"Hehe No Mommy it was a joke" Marcy laughed skipping inside

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