Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


32. Storm


Ariana's pov 

Ok so everyone knows that terrified of storms and Perrie knows that if I know about a storm I cry. I know I know that's baby ish of me but I lost my brother In a storm so now I'm scared okay? But Perrie haaaaad to tell me there's a storm and Zayns not here!!!!!!!!!!!! And I normally cling on to him.

"Ariana come on we're going dress shopping for pezz" Jesy yelled

"Ohhhh no I'm not leaving here until the storm is over!!!!!!!!" I yelled

"would you come if Zayn was here to cling onto?" Jade asked

"Yes! But he's not here soooo" I said with sass

"Or is he?" Perrie said. Then I felt to arms wrap around me. I looked up to see Zayn.

"ZAYNIE BOO YOU CAME TO SAVE ME!!!!!" I yelled while holding him, I felt him chuckle and I smiled.

"Ariana and I will stay here because I don't want to see my brides dress until the big day!" He said kissing Perrie on the lips.

"HELLO PRESON IN YOUR ARMS"I yelled. Perrie and Zayn laughed at me. The girls left and I hung onto Zayn like a child. I heard thunder and I jumped. Zayn started to laugh like crazy!



"Lets watch a movie" he said with a suspicious face

"Zayn I know that face" I said while Zayn put in paranormal activity 4. Half way through the movie I hid my face in Zayn's chest! I was terrified!!!!  

"Z-Z-Zayn I'm scared" I mumble

"What's going" on here?" Perrie asked laughing

"Zayn put on a... AHHHHHH" I yelled as I saw lighting. everyone burst out laughing except Zayn. I ran into my room and snuggled into my best crying softly. Zayn soon walked in. 

"Babe come here" He said while opening his arms.I snuggled into his chest and cried.

"shhhh" "it's ok babe!" He cooed. I hugged him tighter and fell asleep to him and Perrie fighting

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