Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


47. Paula's Wedding

A/N Ok guys for all of you using a laptop to read this there will be pictures because this is a very special chapter! This chapter is dedicated to Paula the first fan of this story! So hope you like it!!!


Paula's POV

Today is my wedding day!!! YAY! I was wearing a long at the back short at the front dress. It was strapless. My make-up was beautiful. I had nice black around my eye and and a nice pink lipgloss. My hair is in a nice bun and it has flowers!!!! The bridesmaids (Perrie Ariana Jade Jesy and my friend Sarah) Were wearing a nice strapless white dress with a brown bow around the waist. Their hair was pinned  the side and curled. They had nice natural make up and purple flowers.

Niall's POV

I was super excited! i was wearing a typical tux. I walked over to the bridesmaids room to give Justin to Ariana. Man! Ariana looked goooooood! NIALL SNAP OUT OF IT. I walked up to where I'm supposed stand. And I waited for my beautiful soon to be wife! Once she walked 

~Half done the wedding~

"Niall do you take Paula as your beautiful wife. Through sickness and through health?"

"I do" I said

"do you take Niall as your wonderful Husband. Through sickness and through health?"

"I do" Paula said

"I pronounce you husband and wife... YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE" Paula and I took our first kiss as a married couple! We skipped down the isle followed by everyone! Ariana was babysitting while Paula and I went on our honeymoon but right now we want to live for the moment!!! We had our first slow dance together! I'm glad I met her!!!



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