Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


14. Not fair! *edited*

Ariana's POV

"Perrie? Zayn?" I asked nervous.

"Yes love?" Zayn smiles.

"Can I talk to you guys privately?"

"Yeah sure" Perrie winks.

We walked into the bunks and sat down.

"Well I know you guys don't want me to date but..." I started

"Ariana Perrie Edwards! You are not dating!" Perrie stated sternly

"But I'm 15!" I said in a rude tone.

"Ariana just for being rude you are grounded!" Zayn said sternly.

"That's so not fair!" I yelled

"You are not allowed out of your room unless it's a meal or something to do with Little Mix for the rest of this trip!" Perrie said angry.

"But!" I cried.

"Give me your phone Ariana!"  Zayn yelled holding his hand out.

"NO!" I yelled. I slapped Zayn and mumbled "I hate you Zayn and Perrie"

They left me in my room all by my self to cry. Then Jade and Liam walked in. Liam sat down on my bed a started to rub my back while Jade sang me a song. Liam scoped me up into his lap while I cried into his chest. I fell asleep with Jade and Liam holding me. At least I have them.

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