Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!



Ariana's POV

Today is Luke and I first morning together as a married couple! Sorry you might wanna get used to me saying that! I turned around to see Luke's little face. I kissed his nose and quickly ran downstairs. I started making bacon with Perrie when Luke ran downstairs.

"So that's how you wake up a man?" Luke raised an eye brow

"I don't know what you're talking about" I lied


"I don't!" I yelled

"Then why is there lipstick on my face baby?" He asked

"I drew it on you..." I mumbled

"Noooo It has a lip look" He said



"Baby" Luke said

"Yeah?" I asked

"Look at me!" Oh no he knows whenever I look at him when I lie I tell the truth and kiss him...

"Nope!" I said

"look at me baby"

"NEVER!!!!!" I yelled running away to Zayn's room with the bacon.

"Ariana do you mind?" Zayn asked

I rolled my eyes and said "I have bacon!"

"YOU MAY STAY!" He yelled. I heard a knock at the door and hid in Zayn's closet. I closed my eyes and I opened them when I was over Luke's shoulder! I started kicking him and punching him.

"Hitting me isn't gonna work baby!" He laughed and put me down so I was facing him. I closed my eyes tight and looked away.

"You're gonna have to look at me one day baby!" He chuckled

"No I think I will keep my eyes closed" I laughed

"Fine I'm leaving!" He said getting up and closing the door. I opened my eyes and met his gaze. Greaaaat now I'm looking in his eyes and under control...

"Was it you" He asked

"Yes" I pouted

"What's wrong?" Luke asked hurt

"It's just that I wanted a kiss from you but I didn;'t want you to know and then I got up and I was scared I woke you up and i-i-i" I started to fake cry but was cut off my Luke kissing me. I stood up and went towards the dor still kissingLuke and slowly opend the door then I pulled away from him running downstairs.

"SUCKER! YOU FELL FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled

" I'LL GET YOU BACK ARIANA HEMMINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled

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