Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


68. meeting Kenya

Kenya's POV

I was enjoying the concert when Paul came up to me.

"Come with me!" he yelled

"I'm sorry did I do anything wrong?" I asked quite worried

"No! Now follow me" Paul demanded as he took my hand and lead me to a limo.  The limo drove me to a flat... Where am I going? Where am I? Why aren't I making any sense? UGH! I got out of the limo and walked into the flat. It was huge! I walked over to the couch and waited 2 minutes. Then ASHTON walked in!!!!!!!!! ASHTON OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

"Hi I'm Ashton!" He said

"I know that!" I laughed "I'm Kenya" I smiled. Then he leaned in and BOOM! HE KISSED ME!!!!!!

"Will you be my Princess?" He asked

"We just met!" I said. Ashton gave me puppy dog eyes.

"OKAY!!!" I smiled as he took my hand.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"My princess needs to meet my family!" Ashton laughed.

Ariana's POV
"So how was your weekend with Justin" I asked Paula

"HE'S WALKING!" She freaked

"Calum said that his kids won't walk" Sereen laughed.

"REALLY!?!?!?! OMG!!!!" Paula laughed

"Yes!" Sereen laughed

"AWUNTIE AWRIANA!!!" Justin yelled hugging me

"What's up little man?" I asked. He pointed to little Jasmine running towards us.

"JASMINEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" Millie yelled

"So much for adult time"  Sereen laughed picking up Millie. Luke scared the crap out of me just to give me Marcy...

"Trade ya" He said handing me Marcy and taking Justin

"HAHAHAH I GOT YOU!" I heard him yell. Then this girl walked up.

"Hi" She said

"Hi" we all said

"I'm Kenya Ashton's girlfriend" She smiled

"I'm Ariana Perrie's little sister/Zayn's 'little sister'/Luke's fiance" We all laughed

"I'm Paula Niall's Wife and Justin's mom" Paula shook her hand

"I'm Sereen  Calum's girlfriend!" Sereen smiled

"Oh And this is my niece Marcy." I smiled

"Have you met anyone else?" Sereen asked

"Urmm I met Perrie,Zayn,Niall,You guys,Luke,Calum,Micheal,Liam,Harry,Louis,Emma,Darcy,Marcy,Millie,Jasmine,Justin,JadeJesy and leigh!" She smiled

"Okay" I smiled

"ARIANA!!!!!!!!" Luke yelled running towards me


"LOUIS HIT ME!!!!" He yelled

"DID NOT!" Louis yelled





"BREAK IT UP LADIES!" Paula yelled

"Did you just call Louis Tommo a lady?" Louis asked with sass

"No.." Paula said yelling and running away from Louis

"Welcome to the family!" I said while hugging Kenya


I hope you like it Kenya!

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