Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!



Zayn's POV

Perrie is very happy and so am I! Marcy is a VERY easy baby. She never wakes up at night to feed! We have to wake her up. She barely cries. She sleeps whenever she wants. She isn't fussy. She's just a happy baby!! She only cries when we get mobbed by fans... But that's it really... Ariana is a great helper with Marcy. Marcy always is with Ariana and pulling Ariana's hair.Marcy adores Luke sooo much! She's only like two days old but you can tell Luke and Ariana make her happy!

"Wanna see daddy?" Ariana cooed while handing me Marcy. Marcy started to cry.

"Awwwwwh someone wants auntie Ariana" Perrie said while kissing Marcy. Honestly you would expect Perrie to be in sweats and sweaters with no make up. But no! She's wearing make up and dressing normal! Everyone was surprised! Ariana took Marcy and walked downstairs.


"OK" She yelled back.

Perrie's POV

Ariana was sooooo good with Marcy! She always jumps in whenever needed... And Luke oh Luke he loves Marcy! Him and Ariana always cuddle while holding Marcy it's too cute! I put on a grey sweater with a pink scarf and pink UGGS. My pants were pink with little black snow flakes. Ariana had on a nice tight long white sleeve shirt and a blue and grey scarf. She had tall brown heel boots and black tights. We tried not to dress in expensive clothes because Marcy might spit up any minute but whatever today was special!

"Ok Luke act normal don't say anything stupid!" Ariana said

"Why?" He asked

"My Gran will get mad and disown me" I laughed

"Okay babe" He said while kissing her


"Here Perrie I'll take Marcy!" Ariana said

"Thanks baby" I replied handing her Marcy. I opened the door to see Tricia!

"PERRIE YOU LOOK WONDERFUL!" Tricia said hugging me

"Thanks Tricia!" I replied

"ARIANA WHERE ARE YOU!" Tricia yelled

"I'm here!" Ariana said from the couch

"Hi Doniya" I said hugging her

"Hey Pezzie Wezzie" She replied smiling

"PERRIE!!!!!!!" Waliyha screamed

"Hi Waliyha!" I said hugging her

"Hi Perrie" Safaa said

"Hey"I said back

"OH PERRIE!!!!!!" Yaser said hugging me

"Hi Yaser"

Ariana's POV

I was holding a sleeping Marcy while Luke held me.Nobody noticed Luke or Marcy.

"Gran?" I said

"Yes?" She said sitting beside me

"Urmm meet Luke my Fiance!" I smiled


"MARCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Safaa yelled

"Shhh Safaa she's trying to sleep" Zayn said while pulling her into his lap.

"Luke can you get me some water?" Perrie asked

"Sure Perrie Dog" He laughed

"HAHAHAHA" Perrie laughed with sarcasm. We were all having a good time until Marcy woke up crying from noise.

"Sh sh sh sh shh" I said while walking her around the living room. Luke soon came in giving Perrie water.

"So Ariana when are you having number one?" Doniya winked

"Umm honestly Luke and I think we are ready but I wanna wait till Marcy is older" I smiled and kissed Luke. I soon gave Zayn Marcy and they passed her around. Perrie soon took her upstairs for bed.

Luke's POV

I walked over to Ariana who was talking  to Doniya and scared the poo out of her! It was funny!!! Doniya couldn't help but laugh! Soon the family left and Ariana and I walked to bed. She snuggled into my chest. She was out fast!!! My sleepy baby!

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