Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


74. Marcy's First Christmas!

Perrie's POV

Today is CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! But this Christmas is more important! It's Mary's first Christmas and Ariana and Luke have news for everyone! Zayn and I were sleeping and cuddling when Ariana and Marcy came in.

"Okay Marcy say Mommy Daddy up" Ariana said

"Mama,Dwaddy up" Marcy said. Oh yeah did I mention Marcy is about two months...

"Okay hunny!" Zayn laughed while getting up with me and walking downstairs. We walked to the tree.I handed Marcy a present and Zayn helped her open it.

"What is it baby?" I asked. She held up a Winnie The Pooh blanket the says 'My First Christmas'. Zayn handed Ariana a little box. She opened it and her eyes widened.

"You Didn't have to!" She said

"Well we had to for our baby girl!" I said. We got her three rings with a bracelet. Ariana handed Luke a box.

"Open it after the news!" She warned him. Luke and Ariana gave Marcy a little rattle and a rocking horse. Luke handed Zayn a box and when he opened it it was Little Mix Pajamas's. 

"HAHAHA!" I laughed

"GO PUT THEM ON!" Ariana yelled. Zayn huffed and handed me Marcy and walked upstairs...Luke handed me a box and it was a little diamond ring.

"Awww thanks guys" I was about to cry.

"Look what mommy got Marcy" Luke said. Zayn came down in these little pajamas and a wig and makeup...

"Who's makeup is that?" I asked raising my eyebrow .

"Not Ariana's...." he lied

"HEY" She yelled

Luke's POV

We were done opening presents but we heard a knock on the door and it was the rest of Little Mix,1D and 5SOS. We all sat down and opened presents. Everyone was sitting down so Ariana and I wanted tell everyone our news. We stood up in front of everyone. I cleared my throat and everyone looked at me.

"We have news!" I said looking at Ariana

"We are Pregnant!" Ariana said. Everyone went CRAZY! All the girls hugged Ariana. And all the guys hugged me!

"How many days or weeks or months?" Louis asked

"Urmm about a month" Ariana said

"The baby will be born when Marcy is one." I clarified

"YAY I'M GONNA BE A AUNTIE!" Perrie yelled

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