Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


59. Marcy

Ariana's POV

"MY WATER BROKE" she yelled

"YOU'RE A MONTH EARLY" Luke yelled


"LETS GOOOO!" He yelled carrying Perrie to the car.

~At the hospital~

"1..2..3 PUSH" The nurse yelled as I pushed.

"A little harder now.. Ready. 1..2..3 PUSH!" The nurse yelled again

"ONE MORE TIME! PUSHHHHHH" She yelled. I heard a little cry. The doctor took my baby and washed her.

"Perrie she is perfectly healthy even though shes a month early" The doctor said

"Thank you doctor" I thanked him

"What's her name?" the nurse asked

"Marcy Scarlet Edwards." I smiled 

"Beautiful choice." The nurse said

"Can Ariana and Zayn and Luke come in?" I asked

"Of course mam" The nurse said while getting them

Zayn's POV

Ariana kept pacing back and forth. Man she was a nervous Aunt/Sister...

"Ariana calm down baby!" I said while pulling her on my lap

"Miss.Edwards Mr.Malik and Mr.Hemmings follow me.." The nurse said. We followed her into the room where my Perrie was and Marcy.. I started to cry!

"Wanna hold her Zayn?" Perrie asked. I nodded and walked over to Perrie. I held Marcy and she was beautiful!. She had Perrie's sparkling eyes and my nose. She had Perrie's mouth.. Tears trickled down my face and I was sooo proud... I handed Marcy back to Perrie and then Perrie handed her to Ariana.

Ariana's POV

Luke sat beside me as a held my beautiful niece! She was the most perfect baby I've ever seen! I started to cry a bit... I wanted a baby sooo bad! But I'm only 15. I'm turning 16 in a few days... Yes it has been a crazy year!!!! But this year is gonna be crazier!!!!!

"Hi Marcy! I'm your auntie Ariana!" I smiled. I handed Marcy to Luke and he looked super happy for my family... I gave Marcy to Perrie and Zayn drove me home.. Man Perrie was lucky!

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