Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


3. Mall with Zayn *edited*

Arianas POV

Zayn and I were going shopping just for fun. Walking through the empty mall was nice with Zayn but one fan saw us. Soon there was a swarm of fans screaming Zayn's name. I quickly escaped the crowd and ran into the ladies room. Hiding in the first stall I dial Perrie's number.


"Why my baby" She asked a bit hurt

"Zayn got attacked by fans and now they are following me into the bathroom!"

"It will be fine babe now I have to go boss man gettin pissy with ma sissy!"

I laughed "Okay by Perrie the platypus Love ya!"

"Bye Ariana Smell-Wards" We both laughed and hung up.

I walked around the mall for a few minutes until I found Zayn looking at the IPads.

"Want that baby girl??" He asked

"Yeah.." I said shyly

"Promise to be good if I get that for you?"

"Yes Zaynie boo!" I gave him puppy dog eyes. Man I ain't keeping that promise!!!

"Okayy I'm trusting you!"  Zayn payed for the iPad and we were almost out of the store when the lady yelled

"ZAYN MAILK ARE YOU CHEATING ON PERRIE WITH THIS LITTLE BITCH THAT IS UGLY!" I couldn't believe what she just said I looked up at Zayn who was wide eyed. I felt tears start to stream down my face.

"Don't cry baby girl! Perrie and I will deal with her, Now I need you to go drive home and get Perrie ok?"

"Okay," I cried into zayn's chest then ran off to the limo.

Jades POV

Perrie and the girls and I arrived home to a crying Ariana. After she explained the whole story I held her while an angry Leigh and Perrie went off to deal with that bitch. Seeing her cry broke my heart! It was like an elephant stomped on my heart and then someone stabbed it and then it shattered into a million pieces!

"If it makes you feel better I can get Liam to come over?" I smiled. I knew Liam was her favorite after Zayn, of course. She slowly nodded her head and I walked up stairs to call Liam.

"Hey Li can you come over ?" I asked

"Yeah sure why?" He asked

"Ariana just got hate and now she wants you here!"

"Awwww my poor baby! I'll be there in 3 mins"

"Thanks Li Pie" That was my nickname for him

"Welcome Jadie Wadie" He cooed I hung up and walked downstairs

Liam's POV

I walked over to Zayn and Perrie's place only to see my baby crying. I ran over to her and scooped her up into my arms. She started to cry into my chest. This broke my heart even more.

"Sh Uncle Li is here" I cooed. she soon stopped crying and looked up at me with glossy eyes

"Sorry Uncle Li I'm just sad!" she mumbled, rubbing her eyes.

"Tell Uncle Li what's wrong!"

"Well I was at the Apple store with Zayn and this lady asked if he was cheating on Perrie with me but she called me an ugly bitch and yeah" She mumbled

"Awh Baby! It's ok" I whispered, rocking her again.


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