Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


40. LAZY DAY!!!

Louis' POV

SInce today is Little Mix and One Direction's only day off for the month we decided to have a LAZZZZZYYYYY DAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all went over to Perrie and Zayn's and Ariana's place in our pj's!

"BOOBEAR IN THE HOUSEEEEE" I yelled with sass

"BOOBEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Ariana yelled while tackling me

"ARIELBOO!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. Man I missed her. I haven't been spending much time with the girls or guys I've just been with El all the time and hanging with her.Once everyone got to Perrie's we all sat down to play T orD. 


"Hmmmmm DARE!!!" She yelled

"I dare you to tweet 'I love Boobear'" I said. She groaned and tweeted it.


"DARE!" Zayn yelled. Oooooooohhhhh this is gonna be good

"I DARE YOU TO TRADE CLOTHES WITH PERRIE!!"She yelled. Everyone laughed. Now it was movie time!! We popped in Toy Story and watched it. Jade sat with Liam. Paula with Niall.Jesy with Harry (Yes they are dating now) Perrie and Zayn and ARIANA AND I!!!!!!!!!! Ariana is like a mini me. Through out the movie we would get up and paint Harry's nails when he wasn't watching. Soon it was 11:00. Ariana passed out in Perrie and Zayn's arms. She is the cutest girl ever! Jesy and Jade fell asleep in Hazza's and Liam's arms and they were all in a little bundle and Paula fell asleep with Justin and Niall. As for I! Leigh-Anne showed up for the movie and she cuddled with me. Her and her boyfriend broke up... And I think El is breaking up with me soooo.... 

Jesy's POV

When I woke up I saw Zayn and Perrie holding on to sleeping Ariana. I got up with jade and we made pancakes for everyone along with bacon and eggs. We set up the table like a buffet. We put baby food out for Justin and Jasmine. Harry soon walked in butt naked...

"HARRY CLOTHES!!!!" Jade yelled. 

"Like what you see?" Harry flirted 

"HARRY!!!!" I yelled

"Sorry love" He said while kissing me

"Now put clothes on before..." I was cut off by


"Ok love" He winked while hugging her.

"Sooo I'm gonna try to forget that!" Ariana laughed

"Can you get Perrie and Zayn up pleaseeeee!" Jade begged 

"Yeah sure" Ariana said

Ariana's POV

I stood up on the table and jumped on Zayn and Perrie yelling "WAKE UP!!!! BREAKFAST!!!" 

"OK OK WE GET IT!!!" Everyone laughed and got up. I picked up Jasmine so Leigh-Anne could eat and get Jasmine and I foooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all ate the best food ever! And got dressed!!! That was the funnest night EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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