Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


39. Interview

Jade's POV

Today was our first interview for a long time! Jesy and I drove to Perrie's to go to the interview.When we go to Perrie's we heard Perrie yelling at Ariana to hurry. Ariana had dyed her hair a nice hot pink with a bit of brown she also cut her hair pretty short but not to short and kept it straight most of the time. Today for the interview I was wearing my light blue hair in a side braid with a flower headband thing on.I had a nice purple flowery crop top with a golden chain necklace with a bright orange pinky skirt. Jesy is wearing her long curly red hair down. She's with a white tight top and a purple skirt. She has a nice purple sweater on. Ariana was wearing a black bandana with her hair in a ponytail. She is also is wearing a white top with a baggy sweater and jean shorts. Perrie is wearing a long baggy baby blue shrit/dress with shorts and her dipped dyed hair down.Anyways enough about our outfits time for the interview!

~At the interview~

"WELCOME LITTLE MIX!!!" The interviewer yelled. And we all walked in

"So Ariana..."

Ariana's POV


"Why did you smash and break Harry's heart!" The interviewer asked

"I DIDN'T!!!" I cried

"So why did you use him?" 

"I would never use him!" I kept crying

"Are you sure?" The interviewer asked

"Please stop!" Perrie said angrily 

"Well we need to know!" The interviewer yelled

"No you don't!" Said Jesy

"So Ariana did you say you waned to kill Harry!?" The interviewer asked

"SHE NEVER SAID THAT!!!" Harry yelled walking on the stage

"Ever since you interviewers and papz keep accusing my Ariana has changed! She dyed her hair a colour and she chopped up most of her hair and she doesn't dress the same and its all thanks to you!!!" Zayn yelled barging in. Zayn sat beside me and hugged me along with Perrie.

"C'mon lets go." Zayn whispered and we got up and left...

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