Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


9. Interview with Paula! *edited*

Paula's POV

"Hi guys I have a special surprise!" I smiled at the crowd "Today I will be interviewing Little Mix!" I said as the crowd all cheered! "Are you ready for Little Mix?"

The crowd all cheered "YEAH!"

Little Mix walked in and sat on the couch. "Welcome Perrie, Jade, Jesy and..?" "Oh who is this?" I asked

"It's my little sister Ariana she's filling in for Leigh-Anne who is currently having a baby!" Perrie cheered.

"So Ariana who is life living with Zayn and Perrie" I asked facing the young girl.

"Well I love it because Zayn is like my dad/Brother he's always teasing me and takes care of me" she smiled sweetly, "Perrie on the other hand gets him to do his dirty work but I love her to bits"

"We have some videos paps took of you and Zayn and Perrie! ROLL 'EM" I yelled

"Right now Ariana is drawing on Perrie and Zayn" Jade said on the video. We played a lot of videos and I almost peed my pants laughing!

"Soooo Jade we heard you fancy Liam James payne" I smirked "Is it true?" I ask.

"Urmmm Yes" She replied

"Awe! You love Uncle Li!" Ariana teased.

"Sh Ari!" She replied smacking the younger girl on the leg.

After the interview they all gave me an autograph and their numbers! Yes I'm a fan girl!!! Once they left I packed up and went home!


I hope you liked it Paula!!!! (If thats ur name) You are amazing girl!!! you will be in this more later on with 1D!!! :D Love ya xx Mrs.paynexx

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