Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


42. Going to GHANA

Jesy's POV

Today Little Mix is going to Ghana to help raise money and help make their home better. One Direction also went their but we decided to go help the woman. And a few lucky woman,Girls and boys and Men get to fly to Canada with us and get a better health care and become a resident! We are hopefully gonna bring most of the sick ones over! But we won't stop until Ghana is better.I was super excited!!! I pack comfy clothes and close toed shoes just in case and flip flops. I put on my WINGS outfit and I headed to the airport.

Perrie's POV

Zayn drove Ariana and I to the airport. We were in Ghana for at least 2 months. Plus we are  flying to Canada and back bringing sick kids there almost everyday! Finally we arrived at the airport. We all hopped out of the car and met with the girls. Ariana started to cry and held on to Zayn like she was going to die if she didn't. Then our flight got called Ariana hung onto me crying. Awww she misses Zayn! Once we got on the plane we all planed what we are doing when we get to Ghana. After the planing we all fell asleep. We knew we weren't going to sleep much!

Jade's POV

We finally landed! Time to help people. When we got off of the plane we were greeted by a nice lady named Nia.

"Hello I'm Nia and I will be bringing you guys to the hospital..." She said. We hopped in the white van and drove to where we needed to go. We followed Nia into the hospital and right when we walked in Ariana cried.

"Look at all these children Pezz" Ariana said

Ariana's POV

Right when I walked into that hospital I cried! I couldn't believe it! It's not like our hospitals with fancy walls and no crying. There was a dirt ground no walls. The poor suffering children crying. Parents slowly watching their kids die. Walls chipping! It was awful!!! I walked over to this mom and child.

"Hi! Who is this?" I asked the woman

"This is Precious..." She said

"Why did you name her that?" I cried

"I named her Precious because she is my Precious daughter and she is the strongest baby I've ever met" The mother cried

"What does she have?" I asked

"She has malaria"

"Do you think she will survive?" I asked

"No... We don't have a good health care..."  Thats when I thought we could take her to Canada!

"Well we are taking at least 20 kids to Canada tomorrow. Does she have one of the worst diseases out of most of the kids?" I asked

"Yes. She is suffering the most!" The mother said

"Well you and her are coming to Canada!" I said "They'll do a few tests on both of you and they'll keep you guys. Since Precious is suffering they will make you a citizen management set that up for the most suffering families and Steven Harper said Ok so today will be the last day here" I smiled 

"Really!!" she yelled

"Yes" I said

"Oh my lord. Thank you!!!" She said while hugging me

"welcome sweetie. Also it comes with money and a house and all the stuff you need! Management is paying for this so don't worry!" I said. I was super happy management is doing this!


Please no "They Can't do that!" and stuff like that. I made it all up! The only thing they can really do is health care.So don't hate! I love you all!!! I'm gonna call you my Rubber Duckies!! Bye xx


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