Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


43. Ghana

Jesy's POV

"Ok so Precious,Diamond,Andre,Terrance,Raven,Asia,Jamal,Deja,Ebony,Malik and all of their Moms are coming to Canada for day1!" Perrie said

"What about Dad's?" I asked

"All of their fathers are off fighting..." Ariana said

We all hopped on the plane with everyone. It was still loud but not to loud.

~In Canada~

We got a limo and drove to the hospital.

"Hello how may I..." "OMG IT'S LITTLE MIX!" The lady said

"We are here for Ghana... We have 20 people" Jade said

"Oh yes the doctor is waiting for you in the ultra sound room"

"Thanks" Jade said and we walked down to the Ultra sound room.

"Hello I'm doctor McKenzie. I will be doing all of your tests today!" He said

"So can Precious please come for CT scan" I carried Precious to the CT scan and set her down.The doctor came in and told us that she needs to stay in a hospital or live near the hospital and that her mother has level 4 cancer... The rest of the children had to stay in Canada... We flew back to Ghana to get more kids... We also helped the woman and we built a school! 

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