Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


44. Ghana School

Ariana's POV

Perrie and the girls thought I should teach the woman while they help with other things... So I agreed. All the girls walked in with uniforms...

"Ok ladies first of you don't need uniforms. So tomorrow don't wear them ok?" I said

"Ok!" They all said

"Ok so we are going to started with writing english!" I said "Why is it important to learn english?" I asked. I pointed to a little girl.

"Because if we ever get out of this death hole and go to the UK or Canada or the USA then we can interact with people!" She said


Jade's POV

"Ok So right now we are cleaning up the garbage" I said to the camera 

"It's absolutely sad that they can't have money or have real jobs" Perrie said crying

"So what is your job?" I asked a 13 year old male

"It's to find useful stuff in the dump and to burn things that we don't need" He said

"Wow" Perrie said

"Yeah a lot of men die from stepping on nails." He said

"That's unbelievable" Jesy said crying

"I don't know how they live through this" I said

"I'll call Zayn and the guy to fly down and bring at least 200 shoes" Perrie said

"OK MEN" Jesy yelled. All the men ran towards us

"No working until One Direction comes here with your surprise."Perrie said

Zayn's POV

Perrie called me t buy at least 200 shoes and to fly down to Ghana with the lads and help. So Liam got the shoes and we flew down.


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