Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


24. First date with Liam

Jades POV

Today was my first date with Liam!!! I put on blue eye shadow and Bright red lipstick. I put on a white see through with a black overall dress. I put on Black heels and put moose in my hair. I put a bow that was black. Then it was date time!!!!!!!!!! I walked down stairs to see Liam all dressed up. We drove to the fanciest restaurant.

"payne" Liam said to the lady

"Right this way!" the lady glared at me

For the rest of the night the waitress was glaring at me. That was the worst date ever!

~At  Perrie's~

"Perrie I hated the date!" I paced back and forth

"Well you could.." I cute Perrie off "No I love him" I yelled

What am I going to do???

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