Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!



Luke's POV

For the rest of the day Ariana kept saying 'I'm sorry baby'. I felt really bad for her.

"Luke?" Ariana asked

"Yes Princess?"

"I'm Sorry...' She cried. I held her close to me as she cried.

"Baby look at me!" I said. She looked up at me.

"It's not your fault he's crazy! And as long as I'm here he won't get you!"I said kissing her forehead.

"Us too!" Perrie and Zayn said

"Thanks guys!" She smiled

Perrie's POV

I was walking to put Marcy to bed when I heard sobbing. I called Zayn up and we listened.

"It's not your fault he's crazy! And as long as I'm here he won't get you!" Luke said so Zayn and I decided to say something.

"Us too!" We smiled

"Thanks guys!" Ariana said. We all had a little group hug.

"I'll go make dinner" Ariana smiled

"Make enough for everyone!" Zayn yelled

"Who's everyone?" Ariana asked

"1D,5SOS,Little Mix,The kids, and the girlfriends" I yelled

"So a buffet?" Luke laughed

"Sure!" I smiled


Ariana's POV

Luke and I cooked a lot of food! And by a lot I mean A LOT!!!!!!!!!!! I made Pizza,Bread sticks,Garlic bread,Salad,Pasta,Cold pasta,coleslaw ect... I ran upstairs to put on makeup but Luke had to walk in...

"Baby take it off" He said holding my shoulders and looking into the mirror.

"UGH FINE..." I gave in and took off my makeup. I put on my grey 'London sweater' and black pants with moccasins. I threw my hair in a messy bun.

"Happy?" I asked Luke

"VERY!!!" He yelled running downstairs. I walked downstairs to see Perrie smiling at me.

"What?" I asked

"You took off makeup!" She smiled bigger. *DING DONG* I ran to the door to see Louis and El.

"UNCLE LOU! AUNT EL!" I yelled hugging them.

"Hi Ariel!" Louis said. Louis and El walked in hugging Perrie and Zayn and Marcy.

"AUNTIE ARIANA! UNCLE LUKE!!!!" Millie yelled hugging Luke and I.

"Hi baby!" Luke and I replied.

"HWIIIII!" Jasmine yelled

"Hi Jazzy!" I smiled

"PAULAA! NIALLLLLL! JUSTIN!" I yelled hugging them. After everyone was here except Harry... After an hour waiting for Harry he came with just Darcy...

"Hazza where's Emma?" I asked

"She broke up with me!" He smiled

"Why so happy?" Sereen asked

"She was stuck up" He shrugged

"Oh like Ashton!" Kenya laughed

"HEY!!!" Ashton yelled

"Love ya!" Kenya said kissing Ashton.

"GET A ROOM!!!!!!" Everyone yelled and laughed

"ARIANA LUKE!!!!" Jasmine and Justin yelled tackling us.

"Mommy can Millie and I stay with Auntie?" Jasmine asked

"Up to Ariana!" Leigh smiled

"Sure! Does Justin want to stay?" I asked justin

"YES!" He yelled

"Okay baby" Paula smiled.

"They should go to bed." Niall said. I nodded and put them to bed... Tomorrow is gonna be CRAZY!


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