Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


13. Day out! *edited*

Jesy's POV

We walked into our first stop! The hair salon!

"How my I help you lovely ladies!" The lady asked smiling.

"Hair dye and cut for Little Mix" I smiled.

Ariana got her hair dyed light pink with blonde tips. I got my hair dyed red. Jade dyed her hair Black and blue and as for Perrie she got her hair dyed blonde and pink tips! after we all got special nails done.

"Jade I love the bow" Ariana commented.

"Thanks babe" Jade winked Ariana got perrie Jr on her nails and Malik Jr on her toes! It was sooo cute! Perrie got I <3 Ariana. They make the cutest sisters ever. On the way to the food court we bumped into Paula!!

"Paula what are you doing here" I asked curious.

"I'm buying stuff for my baby!" she smiled.

"Niall got you pregnant?!" Ariana asked shocked.

"Shhh Ariana" Perrie said holding Ariana's mouth.

"Yeah!!" Said Paula

"That's great! but your 17!" Jade freaked.

"Yeah well I'' going to be an aunt!" Ariana screamed while skipping around.

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