Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


2. chapter 2 *edited*


**edited and re-written**

"Wake up Ariana!" Zayn yelled while jumping on my bed. Its freakin five in the morning! Who wakes up that early? Suddenly I felt Zayn pick me up bridal style and ran down the stairs yelling to the whole world,

"Awh Look at the baby!" I quickly jumped up out of his arms, shocking him and Zayn ending up on his ass looking like he saw a ghost. Literally. Man he's a little girl.

"High five Ariana for scaring Zayn" Jade praised me, High fiving her I walked into the kitchen to grab a banana.

"Oh Perrie Jr. There will be payback!" Zayn yelled, entering the kitchen.

"Since when do I look like that old thing" I joked pointing to my sister.

"Hey! I'm younger than Jade" Perrie protested.

"Atleast she's good looking."I giggled.

"Zayn off with her head!" Perrie laughed.

Zayn chased me out of the kitchen into the living room, soon catching up to me then picking me up and tickling me. Perrie joined in tickling my feet while Jade and Jesy tried helping me.

"What do you say to Perrie!" Zayn said, seriously.

"She needs to put more make-up on to hide that face." I joked.

"Hey!" She yelled and they started tickling me more.

"Noooo" Said Zayn.

"Fine I'm sorry Perrie you are the best sister ever and I love you so much you are also the most prettiest girl I know after Jade" Jade laughed at the last part.

"That's better" Zayn said

I flopped on the couch and flicked on the tele but was soon interrupted by Zayn and Perrie making out.

"Jesy can you help me do my hair and explain why I was woken up so early" I begged, while glaring at Zayn. He just laughed and walked away.

"sure thing darling!" Jesy replied.

"I wanna do your makeup!" Yelled Jade while she tackled me to the ground.

"Ok" I smiled.

I walked up stairs followed by Jade and Jess.

My Blonde blue dipped dyed hair was now extra curly thanks to jade and Jesy for working on it with two curlers. Jade added a bow (Of course) that was white. Then Jade did my makeup it was more of a natural look. Now I know what you guys are thinking Ew she didn't take a shower! Well I did. Jade put some nude lipstick on me and my hair and make-up and I looked amazing

"Now lets go pick out clothes shall we" Jesy said while bringing me back to my room. They picked out a flowery dress with pink flowers with a baggy nice brown cardigan. Then they added black flats (They want me to feel shorter than I am) and a black clutch!

"Thanks girls so much!" I thanked them for their beautiful work.

"No problem" Said Jesy.

"Anything for our little sister!" Jade replied, I smiled and hugged her, "Wait! I forgot something!" Jade grabbed me sliver bracelets and put them on me.

Once We were finished and all cleaned up I walked down the stairs. All the members from One Direction turned around and jaws dropped.

"Hi guys" I awkwardly wave.


When I saw Ariana I just wanted her to be mine so bad! I wish Zayn didn't protect her a lot with Perrie or I'd have Ariana in my arms. Ariana walked over to me and sat in my lap I could hear her giggle and that's when I couldn't stand not having her as mine!

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