Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


21. Ariana's birthday

Perrie's POV

"Zayn did you get the balloon's" I asked a bit stressed

"Jade did!" He replied running around

"Presents  are hiding Jade?" I asked

"Yes!"She replied

"Jesy you got the lights worked out?"

"Yeppers Dr.Peppers" She replied

"Liam did you set up the banners So that they come down?" I asked getting less stressed

"Louis are you distracting her soon!" I asked

"Going now!!"

"Niall got food even cake?" I asked

"YES SIR" He yelled

"Leigh make sure Harry isn't here" I yelled

"HE'S NOT!!!!!!!"

"GUYS PLACES!! JESY LIGHTS!" I yelled we all got in our spots when...

Ariana's POV

"Hahaha Louis that's funny! Now can we go home now" I whined

Louis checked his phone and nodded yes. I walked in my house with Perrie and Zayn and everyone jumped up and yelled "SURPRISEEEEEEE" I laughed at what Perrie did for my 15th birthday. "Thanks guys" I giggled Zayn walked up to me and hugged me and kissed me.

"Happy Birthday Doll" Ughhh I hated it when he called me that! Then Perrie gave me a giant kiss on the lips and hugged me.

"Happy birthday baby girl!" Everyone hugged me and kissed me and all that poopy stuff.

"PRESENT TIMEEEEE!!!" Yelled Louis. We all sat in a circle.  I opened everyone's persents and they were all great!!

Presents I got~

Leigh~ Microphone with sparkles

Louis~matching red pants and stripped top as him

Liam~Toy story iPhone 5 case

Jade~Bows and lots of them

Jesy~ Crop tops and shoes


Paula~BFF bracelets and some rings

Zayn and Perrie~Iphone5 and a Kitten (I named him charlie)

Once presents were done we ate! I had a salad with Nados and chips. It was goooooooood We popped in a movie sadly Paula and Leigh-anne and Niall had to go home. I sad bye to Leigh and Paula and watched the movie. I passed out in Zayn and Perie's arms! That was the best birthday ever!!!!!!!


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