Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


69. Ariana I do... Luke I do...

Ariana's POV

Today is my WEDDING!! yay! I put on my wedding dress which had a long train and it had no straps. It was nice and slim. It had a little part where the dressed parted and it has lace in there. I had my hair in curls and hair sprayed to the side. I had a little tiara. I re dyed my hair brown. I had nice earrings that were diamonds and a sparkly necklace. I had foundation on with nice pink blush. My eyes were a shimmering sliver on my lid. Then there were was a dark brow above the sliver. Then it had light brown and white. I colored in my eyebrows. I put on 'In On Fire' lipstick from maybel line. The bridesmaids (Paula,Sereen,Kenya,Perrie,Jade,Jesy and Leigh) all had different styles of dresses.All the dresses were bright blue. Perrie's dress was strapless and the bottom part was flows in the wind. It was jagged at the bottom. Jade's dress was also strapless with a bow under her chest. Sereen's dress was a low v so it showed cleavage.It had straps that cross at the back. Kenya's dress went out then in under her chest with a short at the front and a long at the back dress. Jesy's dress was nice and loose with sparkly straps. Leigh was wearing a strapless dress. The top half was lace on top of blue and the bottom was light blue. Marcy was wearing a little pink dress. All the bridesmaids hair were in ponytails. Jasmine and Millie are the flower girls and Justin is the ring barrier. 

Luke's POV

All my groomsmen were in white suits. They had black slacks with purple ties/Bow ties. I was wearing a black tux. We got in our places and then the music played.

Ariana's POV

Zayn's dad walked me up the aisle. I was soooo excited!!!!

"Do you Ariana Perrie Edwards take Luke Robert Hemmings to be you husband through sickness and health?"

"I do" I said

"And do you Luke Robert Hemmings take Ariana Perrie Edwards to be your wife?"

" I do!" He smiled

"You may kiss the bride"

Luke leaned in and we kissed! It was our first step into having a real life! All the drama all the pain... GONE!

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