Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


54. 5SOS

Ariana's POV

Zayn said that we are meeting a new band they found called 5SOS...? I was up stairs getting ready. Oh yeah I dyed my hair a light blue with pink tips. I straighten my hair and out. I put on a lace top that showed my shoulders. The sleeves were long. I put on a black skirt with a black belt. I put on a gold colored bracelet and heels.

"ARIANA!!!!!!" Zayn yelled

"COMING!" I yelled back. I walked down the stairs and I saw this handsome face... He had beautiful blonde hair,Perfect eyes and an amazing smile...

Luke Hemmings' POV

When Perrie's little sister walked down the stair it's like the world stopped... She was sooo beautiful. Her lips,Blue eyes,her nice dyed hair, Her smile and JUST EVERYTHING!!!

"Luke... LUKEEEEE" Zayn said

"Yeah? Sorry.." I blushed when she giggled

"I'm Ashton!" Ashton said shaking her hand

"Ariana" She smiled

"I'm Calum" Calum smiled

"I'm Micheal" Micheal said

"And I'm Luke!" I said smiling cheekily.

"Ariana" She smiled looking into my eyes.

"Well boys you can go hangout with Ariana" Zayn winked at me and Ariana and I both blushed.

Ariana's POV

All of the boys introduced themselves and I liked Luke the most... I know I know.. He's 17 and I'm 15 ALMOST 16... Buuuuut it could work. I took all the boys to my room and we played 20 questions.

"Ariana... What's your fav food" Calum asked

"NANDO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled

"Luke... If you had to date any girl from Little Mix who would you date?" Ashton asked

"Urmmm... Ariana..." He mumbled. I blushed really bad and everyone laughed.

"Ariana?" Luke asked

"Yeah" I smiled

" I know we meant but urmm..."

"Yes!" I said

"Wait What?"

"I'll be your girlfriend!!"

"RELLY??" He asked smiling

"OF COURSE!!!" I yelled hugging him. I heard awe's and stuff from the guys and little mix and 1D were here....


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