Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


75. 2 months

Ariana's POV

It's been two months since Christmas. Not a lot happened. Just concerts... The doctor said that we can find out the gender of the baby early...  So i put on a button up shirt that was blue. I put on tight black stretchy pants and sandals.My bump is really showing! I put my hair up in a ponytail. I grabbed my purse and ran downstairs.

"Ready?" I asked Perrie Luke and Zayn. They all nodded.

~At the doctors~

"Okay Mrs.Hemmings follow me" The doctor said. I followed him into the ultrasound room and put on the dress thing... He put the gel on my stomach and moved the camera.

"It's a..." The doctor said

"GIRL!" I looked at Luke and I started to cry. Luckily I didn't wear makeup today! We walked out of the room and Zayn and Perrie stood up.

"So..." Zayn asked

"IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!" Luke yelled

"YAY!!!!" Zayn yelled hugging me.

"Hear that Marcy it's a girl like you!" Perrie yelled. Marcy clapped her hands. I held my stomach and we drove to the store to get clothes,stuff for her room ect...

~at home~

We made our HUGE walk in closet into the babies room..The walk in closet is bigger than our pool room. Which is HUGE!!!!!!We painted three walls Light grey and one wall pink with white patterns . Luke set up a grey dresser and a pink changer table thing. We put a little pink amendment under the window. I put a little black table with a little white lamp. I put up a picture of Luke touching my stomach. I put up her name 'Ava'. I put up pink curtains with a rocking chair. I put little clothes in her dresser and bibs went in there too. 

"I can't wait for Ava Alice Hemmings to be born!" Luke said kisi=sing me.

"Me too!" I smiled

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