Summer love

Summer love of two young people.Niall and Marty.Everything was perfect,but when summer finished everything went black.


1. Niall Horan

"Good afternoon,i have reservation in this hotel."-i said. 

"Oh,your name?"-worker smiled.

"Marty Nelson."

"Melonie,Niall...ha..Marty,yes your room is 234.Have a nice holiday!"

"Thanks!"-i said while worker gave me keys.

I walked to the door of my room.Some boys were laughing in room next to mine.Hhh i hope they are hot.Anyway i went to my room.It's small but it's ok.It had small bathroom and balcon.I went to the balcon and looked around.I can see beach and smell food from hotel's kitchen.I took some hamburger and sat on the chair.The boys who i heard few minutes before are now on balcon next to mine.Blonde haired boy saw me and smiled.Then he pointed on my face and i was like -what-.He laughed and said that i have ketchup on my face.How awkward.I wiped ketchup from my face.He smiled.

"Hey girl what's your name?"-he said while showing his teeth.

"Urm..Marty.Marty Nelson."

"Perfect name.It goes very well with mine."

"You said something?"

"I said that my name is Niall.Niall Horan."

"Nice to meet you blonde."

"Haha nice to meet you too curly."-he said.



Love,Minna.:D xx

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