Summer love

Summer love of two young people.Niall and Marty.Everything was perfect,but when summer finished everything went black.


3. Fight

Well,here's new chapter.I just want to say happy birthday 1D.

#3years.Thank you for everything.I love you.<3


I was sleeping when i heard some boys in other room yelling.And yeah,i know that voices.They are from Harry and Niall.

"Look,i love her!"-Niall yelled.

"I love her too!"-Harry yelled back.

"What!You love her.You know her just one day!"

"What about you!You know her just two days or..i don't know!"-Harry screamed.

"Boys!"-Liam yelled.

"No!Harry what have you done!"-Louis yelled.I heard that Harry hit Niall.Hard.And he fell.Oh no.

"Call ambulance!Zayn!"-Liam shouted.

When i heard what Liam said,i ran to their room.Door were open so i walked in.I fell when i saw Niall in blood.

"Niall!Baby wake up!No!"

"What the..!"-Harry yelled.

"You...I hate you Harry!"

"Zayn!"-Liam shouted.

"They are coming."-Zayn said.




"Niall Horan?"-doctor asked.

"Yes?"-Liam said.

"He is fine.He can leave now."

"Oh thanks God."-i said


When we arrived at hotel,i said to Niall to come in my room.I won't let him there with that monster Harry.

"Thank you love.I mean if i can call you like that.I mean..."-Niall said.

"You love me.I know.I heard that.And i think i love you too."-i smiled at him.

Niall smiled big and beautiful smile.The most beautiful smile i've ever seen.

"Do you want drink?"-i asked him.


"I mean i have sprite here."

"Oh it's okay."

"And i have some Nandos here."- i said and he stood up fastly.

"Nandos!I love Nandos i want Nandos where are they?"

I laughed at him.I took food and we ate it.It was so funny.

Knock knock

"Who is that?"-i yelled.

"It's Harry.Let me in.I won't hurt you."


Harry walked in.He took seat next to me.

"So..?"-Niall said.

"I want to say that i am so sorry for what i have done,and yeah."

"It's okay."-Niall smiled at him.

"Okay then...i am . bye"

"Harry?"- i said.


"Don't leave."


"I want to ask you and Niall something.Come.."

"Oh,okay."-he smiled and took a seat again.

"So,i want to ask you,ummm.When we were at hospital,some girls and paparazzi,were out.And they were screaming Niall's name."

"Oh.."-Niall looked at Harry.

"Yeah.Marty..We are famous."


"Yeah.We are in band 'One Direction' i mean Niall,me,Liam,Zayn and Louis."

"Oh my God."


"Why didn't you tell me that?"

"Becouse we are normal people and we want you to know us as normal boys."


"Marty?"-Niall said.


"Will you go to the beach with us?Harry and me?"



This was bad one,ha.but it's because i am so happy about 1D's 3 years.haha.

-Love,Minna.:) xxxxxx

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