Summer love

Summer love of two young people.Niall and Marty.Everything was perfect,but when summer finished everything went black.


2. Beach


It was very hot today.I'll go to the beach.I took bikini and ray ban's glasses.This hotel has little bus.Beach is far.So i took hotel's book to see when i have driving.First one was five minute ago,and secong is in two minute.I grab some money and ran out of my room.Bus was stil there,so i ran in it.There was so many people in that little bus.I have to stand.But someone's hand touched my shoulder.

"Hi Marty!Please sit here.I will stand."

"Oh do i know you?"

"Yes.I am Niall.You forgot?"-he said with sad face.

"Oh Niall.I am so sorry."

"Nothing babe."-he said and i sat on his place.

Some boys who i think were with Niall looked at me.They all smiled to me and Niall.Curly one started to talk,when our little bus moved from the parking.

" name is Harry."-he smiled.What a hot guy.

"Oh.nice to meet you Harry,i am"

"Marty.We all know that."- another boy said.

"Who are you?"-i said to him.He looked at me and smiled.

"Well...i am.."-he started and then looked at Niall.I don't know why.but anyways he said his name is Louis.Weird guy.Then all of them said their names.One is Liam and he is so cute.And second is Zayn he looks like bad but hot we arrived to the beach.I saw that i forgot my towel.And i am going to lay on sand.Very hot sand.Damn.And i didn't have where to put my money so i decided to buy ice-cream.

"One ice-cream with vanilla and chocolate please."-i said.

"Okay."-woman said and gave me my ice-cream.I gave her money.

"Girl this isn't enough money."-she awkward.

"Ugh"-now i didn't know what to do.She'll not give me to go to hotel to take money,and i can't give ice-cream,becouse i am already eating it.Oh damn it.This isn't my day.

"Give her back her money,i will pay ice-cream"- i turned behind me and saw Niall.Muscular and hot Niall.

"Okay."-woman smiled to him.Niall gave her money we walked back to the now i feel so bad.oh my God kill me.From now i hate every ice-cream.

We walked to his friends Zayn,Harry,Liam nad Louis.Wow they are hot too.Niall sat on his towel and patted empty place on his towel for me to sit.oh again awkward.But i didn't have another choice.Sand was very hot.I sat next to him,so our arms were touching.I felt so hot.When i ate ice-cream Niall say:

"So...that was good ice-cream?Isn't it?"-awkward.

"Umm...yeah.."-i said and blushed.

"Why are you red?"-Niall laughed.

"Urm....i don't know.Am i?"

"Yeah."-he laughed again."Would you go to swim with me?I mean if you know to."

"Sure i know.And yes i would love to."

Niall and i stood up and went in the cold sea.

"'s so cold."-i said to him.He walked and hugged me.

"Is it cold now?"-he said with the biggest smile someone gave me.

"Urm...."-i said awkwardly.

"Marty?"-Niall pulled out of hug.

"Yes Niall?"

"You don't like me?"-he said sadly.

I didn't say anything,but something is saying to me that i love him.I don't know.

"I want to swim!"- said to him like 3 years old child.

"Haha,okay."-he smile awkwardly.

We went very far and i was to tired to swim back.Niall saw it.

"Are you okay?"


Then he took me and swimmed back.

I felt like a princess.Damn he is so hot.I think i love him.


So,yeah..I am so sorry for that i didn't update.I was on holiday.But here it is.I hope you like it.

Favourite,Like an comment what you think.






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