With you (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction)

All is lost till in comes this girl with a beautiful smile and a pure heart..
Only she can fix him.
But will she fall along the way?
Justin + Kenzie....
A Justin Bieber fanfiction.


7. With You~Chapter 6 cx


Justin's Pov

"Now,I think this'll be a good idea," a publicist said. 

I looked up and cringed. It was the perfect stereo-typical date,the movies-some romantic comedy and then  dinner in some fancy restaurant. "Perfect for the Paparazzi to get good shots," he smiled proud of himself. 

I rolled my eyes and coughed,putting my hand up.

"Well I think we should....".


They all loved my idea,saying it was pure genius! Well I tried. I smiled kicking over a pebble on my way home. I kept walking,digging my hands in my pockets.

It's crazy how this girl has changed my life. I was depressed a couple of weeks ago and now look at me. I feel like I'm walking on sunshine. 

Her being her just changed me. I smiled at the ground. 

Why was she so perfect.

Even if the stars and moon collide I would never want Selena back.

She doesn't even deserve to know the way I used to think about her,to think I used to write songs about her? That sickens me now. 

I really don't care about her anymore.All she did was lie to me. All those words,all those broken promises. All those things I couldn't give a damn about anymore.

I reached my house and pulled open the door,to be greeted with Mum running around ticking things off a list,Scooter repeatedly screaming something down the phone and Kenny trying to close a luggage bag. 

What is going on. I went over to where Ryan and Chaz were sitting.

"Hey guys,whats going on?" I asked,kicking my hi-tops off and sitting up on the couch. 

"Oh man,we're all going on vacation or something," Chaz said,looking down at his phone. 

I leaned over to see what it was but Chaz quickly scrambled to close his phone. Ryan successfully got it out of his grasp and pressed the home button but Chaz' phone had a passcode on it.

"A girl," Ryan and I said simultaneously,looking at eachother. 

I got up and went over to Scooter who was now off the phone. 

"Hey Scoot,what's going on?" I asked him.

He looked startled. "J-Justin?" he asked. "Aren't you supposed to be at that meeting".

"We finished up early," I said dismissing the topic. "What is going on?" I asked once again.

"We-we're going on holidays," he said smiling. 

"Okay so when?" I asked.

"Uhm Justin,it's kinda celebratory that you're okay now and you-you're" he stuttered.

"I'm not invited?" I finished for him,raising an eyebrow. 

"Yes,kinda," he muttered. "When were you guys going to tell me?" I asked him.

"Soon,I swear!" Scooter exclaimed. "So when you guys were leaving,eh?" I asked.

Scooter tensed up.

"Mom!" I yelled. "Justin shush!" Scooter said. "We told her we'd already told you,she was so worried the whole time you were sad,she really needs some relaxation,we all do!" he said softly.

"But not me?" I asked.

"Justin we're way behind,your fans miss you,we need new music out and what about Kenzie?" he asked,raising his eyebrows. 

"Oh uhm,good idea" I said slightly blushing. "And they're beliebers Scoot not fans," I winked at him before going upstairs. He rolled his eyes and let out a sigh of relief. 

I jumped on my bed and closed my eyes. Unlimited me time.Yay. I took a deep breath in and out.I really need some more music out.   Let my emotions out in songs,thats what I'll do. No ones heard anything from me since the break up. Lets give them the new improved Justin.The one without Selena.

Now I'll really get to make my relationship with Kenzie personal.

Oh Kenzie,you won't know what hit you.

A whirlwind of love,romance and passion.

Sweet and cute,romantic memories to last for a lifetime. 

Brace yourself. 

The love doctor is back. 



Hope you guys liked it! Love youuu! 


Oh and there is a spot open in the story! CHAZ' CRUSH!

So leave everything about you in the comments and why you would like to be in this story.

Whoever I feel would suit this spot will get it! I'll announce the winner within the next few chapters!


Areej xx

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