With you (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction)

All is lost till in comes this girl with a beautiful smile and a pure heart..
Only she can fix him.
But will she fall along the way?
Justin + Kenzie....
A Justin Bieber fanfiction.


6. With You ~Chapter 5 :)


Already Chapter 5?  MY BABY IS GROWING UPP! :') 

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Justin's Pov

I woke up on a couch. I rubbed my eyes,trying to remember what happened last night. Where am I? 

I heard humming coming from somewhere and I got up,stumbling slightly and falling over something.

The something was very big and furry.  I yawned when suddenly I was interrupted  by a large bark. 

It came from underneath me. Oh great Justin! You'd be the one to trip over a dog. Idiot!!

The dog barked again,making it's way closer to my face,sniffing me.

I immediately regretted every bad thing I had ever done in my life. 

I stood up,trying to straighten myself up.  The dog sniffed me,circling me cautiously,then started barking again. 

Kenzie came out of the kitchen and leaned on the door.

"Good morning," she smiled. "Seems like you met Emerald," she smiled mischievously.

"You too and her name is Emerald?" I asked.

 Kenzie laughed,shaking her head,"it's a long story but long story short her eyes are emerald green" she smiled. 

Suddenly Emerald pounced on me and began to lick my face. She's so cute! I got a good look of her face and she did have oh-so emerald green eyes. 

"She's usually not that friendly with people she doesn't know" Kenzie stated confusedly. 

I smiled. "Well we're probably soul mates," I teased. She rolled her eyes playfully,laughing. 

"Come on," she gestured me to follow her into the kitchen and I did so being followed by Emerald. 

I went into her kitchen and sat down down at the island,she handed me a plate of pancakes. 

I dug in. "You're a really good cook," I smiled. She giggled slightly. 

"Thanks," she mumbled. She cleared her throat. "You must have been really tired because you passed out during the 5th movie,not me even though I did all that running" she stuck her tongue out at me.  I rolled my eyes. 

We ate in silence once again,a comfortable one. "You know I didn't really expect you have such a big dog," I said playing with my food.

"Excuse me?" she said shocked. "Emerald is perfect for her size!" she held her hand over her heart in mock hurt. 

I smiled at her,her personality is just perfect. It's really hard to find someone as beautiful as her with a personality. I smiled,Man did I get lucky or what? 

She ducked her head,letting her hair cover her face. "Uhm well,I've had emerald since I was small,I didn't really expect her to get so big but she's one of the few people that have been with me through everything,I'd trust her with my life," she smiled,a tear sled down her face. 

"Besides she's an amazing cuddler!" Kenzie said with a weak smile,signifying she didn't want me to inquire anymore. My heart broke into a million pieces.

"Not better than me babe," I winked. She shook her head,"and he's back," she mocked me. 

"Well you were the one squished up to me last night," I teased her. 

She bowed her head down even more,and a blush crept onto her face. 

"Oh,please" she mumbled weakly. 

A moment passed. She looked up at her wall clock. 

"It's 11:11" she exclaimed. "Make a wish" she whispered closing her eyes. 

I watched her as she mumbled inaudible words and I closed my eyes as well.

Please god,help me make her mine,help me let her walls down and let me shower her with all my love,not just for this publicity thing,please. 

The clock struck 11:12 .

"Just in time" she smiled. 

I looked up at her and licked my lips,when am I going to take her out for a proper date I thought.

Just because it's a publicity stunt thing that doesn't mean this won't become more.I want our first date to be more personal,than just going to a restaurant. 

My phone beeped. I looked down at it pulling my phone out of my pocket. 

"Justin we need to talk more about your relationship with Kenzie and your first date and stuff,meet us in half an hour at the management building. Dress nice." it was from Scooter. 

Coincidence,I think not. 

"I'm sorry Kenzie I gotta go," I said sadly. Her facial expression fell. Would she miss me? 

"I'll see you soon,it might be something special" I winked getting my hoodie on. 

She smiled. "Bye Justin," she said,kissing my cheek,I felt like turning my head so her lips would meet mine but didn't do so. 

Those sparks. 

I patted Emeralds head. "Bye girl," I whispered o her.

Kenzie laughed. "It's as if you'll miss her more than me," she chuckled. I pulled Kenzie in for a hug. 

"Never," I whispered staring into her eyes. "Never say never," she replied cheekily. 

"I've taught you well," I teased. She beamed. I let go of her and made my way towards the door,turning around to wave at her. She waved daintily back. 

I opened the door and hesitantly left her house, 

You're my reason to smile,why can't I be yours? 



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