With you (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction)

All is lost till in comes this girl with a beautiful smile and a pure heart..
Only she can fix him.
But will she fall along the way?
Justin + Kenzie....
A Justin Bieber fanfiction.


5. With You ~ Chapter 4 :)


Justin's Pov 

I rolled my eyes at Ryan and Chaz. They were talking animatedly about how they were going to embarrass me when they met Kenzie. Oh the joys,the teasing hadn't stopped all day with the "why didn't you kiss her?" topic being brought up again and again. 

Maybe I shouldn't have told them.

Well Justin you should have thought about that beforehand a voice told me bluntly in my head.

I rolled my eyes,once again and tried to think of something to say to shut Chaz and Ryan up. 

I couldn't think of anything.

My thoughts drifted back to that beautiful girl.

Her midnight blue eyes,her small cute giggle and her perfection. She hadn't left my mind all day.

Maybe I should text her? But what if she doesn't answer.

Maybe I should call her? But what if she thinks that's pushy? 

I'm so confused. I groaned,putting my head in my hands.Ryan and Chaz stopped talking and looked towards me..

"What's wrong bro?" they asked. I stayed quiet. I feel a headache coming on.

"Dude,we were just teasing messing about teasing you," Chaz said. Ryan smacked the back of Chaz' head. "You don't tell him that!" he exclaimed. A faint smile came onto my face. Man,were they such goofballs. 

"It's not that," I muttered. A moment of silence passed.

"You really like this girl,don't you?" Ryan asked almost in a whisper.

"Yeah," I mumbled. "She special?" Chaz asked. 

"Yes,really. Like a diamond in the rut," I whispered.

Ryan and Chaz shared a look then got up. "Call her dude,we'll see you tomorrow,". 

I smiled. "Bye guys," I said. We did our bro-shake and then they were out the door.

"Don't forget to call her," Ryan whispered before shutting the door.

Oh dear god.

What do I do now?

                                          *~ *~*~ * ~*~ *~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*







Just pick up the damn phone and call her Justin!!

Fineee,better late than never. 

I dialed her number and heard the familiar beeping tone signalling that it was going through. 

I checked the time. It was 7:42 pm. The first time I was calling the love of my life.

Ryan and Chaz had left two hours ago. But I just couldn't bring myself to call her. I fidgeted with my fingers and tapped my foot impatiently on the ground. My hopes were high.The phone was picked up.

"Hey!" I exclaimed.

"This is an automatic voice messaging tone for Kenzie Brooks,please leave a message after the beep". I heard a faint beep and all my hopes went down. She's probably busy I thought.

Well there goes all my hopes and dreams of being something more with this girl. It's all to get the media off our backs anyways. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

I kicked the door of my bedroom open,plopping onto the bed. Enough of this Justin,you are done moping around. I pulled my phone off my bedside table and opened the twitter app.

The amount of interactions I get make my head spin wild. I followed some people before my Homefeed was blown up with "JUSTIN'S ONLINE!".I smiled. Soon enough it was trending. I began to look through my mentions once more. I replied to most of them.

Well,since I'm on twitter why not check out Kenzies' page. I quickly typed in her name and she popped up. I turned around and looked behind me. No one should see me creeping on her page.

Man,I'm such a stalker.I rolled my eyes.

I pressed her page.

"So boreeed,anybody wanna have a movie marathon with me?". That was 10 minutes ago.

I tweeted her,"Me?".

Soon enough I was bombarded with mentions saying "Are you guys dating?" "Omg You guys have been my OTP for so long,can't believe this is happening. asdfghjkl". I smiled. 

I never got a reply on twitter but I got a text. "Sure come on over :)". I screen capped it and posted it on instagram. Everyone was going mad and all trending topic were "Jenzie" related. 

I quickly threw on a pair of shoes and made my way over to her house. 

"Hey?" I smiled when I saw her. She waved back.

"Aren't you tired? You've been running through my mind all day," I smiled.

She chuckled. That low cute laugh showing her dimples.

"Come on in Bieber".


Hope you liked it! :)

Sorry it was lattteee.


I'm dieinggg. I just hfsgdfhkahjlkl;ljk;ad;llk;lj;

Areej xx




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