With you (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction)

All is lost till in comes this girl with a beautiful smile and a pure heart..
Only she can fix him.
But will she fall along the way?
Justin + Kenzie....
A Justin Bieber fanfiction.


3. With You ~ Chapter 2. :) xx

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Justin's Pov

I smiled as I heard the pitter patter of my steps coming down the stairs.

As soon as I had said "yes" mom had organised everything. I was meeting Kenzie today. We were going out. All for publicity. I sighed and pulled open the door to the lobby.  

Someone stumbled into my arms. Oh no. If Kenzie saw she would think I was a flirt. Holding someone in my arms and then going out on a date with her. Wait why do I care?

I looked down to see an elderly lady. 

"Oh thank you sweetheart" she smiled at me. 

"No problem" I replied helping her stand up.

"What's your name sweetie?" she asked as she bent down to get her bag.

I reached for it before her and handed it to her. "Justin" I replied.

"Full name sweetie" she said beaming at me.  

"Justin,Justin Bieber" I replied confused. 

"Justin Bieber?" she said confused. "You're that famous bloke aren't you?". 

"Yes Ma'am." I replied,tapping my foot impatiently. I didn't mean to be rude but there was a beautiful  girl waiting for me at the other side of the door. 

She smiled at me. "You're meeting a girl aren't you?" she questioned. I blushed and looked down. Was it that obvious. 

"Y-yes" I stammered. The elderly woman giggled loudly.

"Good Luck sweetheart,not that you need it". I smiled at her. 

"Thank you Ma'am" I answered. I pulled the door back so she could walk by safely. she shook her head at me. "Sweetie,go on ahead," she laughed. 

"Thank you" I squealed. She laughed at me and I quickly ran into the lobby.

My mind registered what I was doing and I tried to get my breathing pattern back to normal.

She'll probably think I was fangirling over her. That was a no-no. Even though I was. ;)

My hazel eyes landed on her petite figure.

There she was sitting,beautiful as ever. She was staring out of the window at the passing city.

My heart was beating like a drum,I'm pretty sure she could hear it.

I took a deep breath in and walked over to where she was.

She looked up at me. I gasped. Her eyes were bluer than I had remembered.

She smiled at me and looked down. 

"Hey," I whispered.

She slightly laughed. She was way cuter than I ever remembered.

"Hi," she said sweetly. 

"Shall we go?" I asked her.

She nodded politely. 

I held her hand in mine and we walked towards the exit of the building. 

"Justin," I said staring into her eyes.

"Kenzie," she answered looking down.

"Don't look away beautiful," I whispered.

A light tint of red covered her cheeks but she looked up and nodded.

"You know you can talk," I said off handedly. 

"Oh really now, my manager said not to talk too much," she breathed out.

Wow,this girl was full of surprises. 

"Why?" I asked her looking around at the surrounding city. It was only a matter of minutes before we were going to be bombarded with paparazzi. 

"Apparently it drives off guys and it's not attractive," she said looking at me.

I smiled. "Well I think a girl should be allowed to say her opinion,a guy should respect her and her choices," 

"That's really sweet of you," she answered looking away.

"Besides I wouldn't be able to stay quiet for that long," she added with a cheeky grin. 

I spotted the paparazzi coming so we needed to get out of here. I didn't want her to be bombarded with questions. I barely know her. They have no right to interfere with her life.

"Hey you want to get a coffee?" I asked her.

"Sure," she replied. "No starbucks though, too busy and commercial," 

I looked at her shell-shocked.

"Wait is that bad?"  she asked hurriedly. "Because I just I don't know that's just my opinion and-"

"Sssh," I said putting a finger over her mouth.

"It's fine,besides starbucks is too crowded," I said smiling at her.

"But if you want-" she started.

"No, I was going to bring you to a small cafe downtown anyways," I answered.

She sighed. "Okay then,but what is it?" she asked looking down,probably thinking she shouldn't have talked whatsoever and listened to her manager.

"Well,you're just full of surprises," I said uncertainly.

"Uhm,in a bad or good way?" she asked confused. I paused.

She looked down and hid her face with her hair.

I tilted her chin up and looked her in the eyes.

"A good way," I answered.

We stared into each others eyes for a while before we saw a flash. I looked away.

"Come on let's go," I told her.

We started to run and the paparazzi began to chase us.Surprisingly she could run in heels,good for our situation.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Definitely a good way,"



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