With you (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction)

All is lost till in comes this girl with a beautiful smile and a pure heart..
Only she can fix him.
But will she fall along the way?
Justin + Kenzie....
A Justin Bieber fanfiction.


2. With You ~ Chapter 1. :)


Justin's Pov.

I sighed and stared up at the ceiling again. Feeling weak,tired and annoyed.

How could she leave me? She was my everything. Well,key word "was". I sighed again.

I heard the door silently open then close.

"Justin honey?" I heard a voice I knew to be my mothers.

"Mmhm" I said in response.

"Can you listen to me for five minutes?" she asked softly. "With complete focus", she added. 

Scooter probably told her about my zoning out.

I sat up and rested my back against the headboard of my bed. I nodded in reply sending her a weak smile. She looked down and sighed. Obviously hurt by my condition but she sent me a weak smile back.

A few moments passed.

"Okay Mom,go on", I mumbled looking down at my fingers. She looked shocked for a moment but then smiled warmly. "I knew you'd give it a chance!" she exclaimed cheerfully.Putting her hand up for me to high-five and I gladly accepted,laughing slightly. She beamed.

Her happiness was so contagious,I cracked a slight smile.

"So," she started. "Since Selena needed someone maturer" I cringed at her name. 

"I've realised that you need someone who understands you.Someone who knows what you go through,what you've left behind and what sacrifices you have made. Someone who is more of a friend than a girlfriend. So meet", she took a slight pause.

"Kenzie Brooks".

The name rang a bell and I knew exactly where from.

Kenzie Dakota Brooks. My ultimate high school crush.

My heart hammered in my chest and I could feel the light pink tint my cheeks.

She had been everything I'd wished for and more.

But just because she was my ideal girl doesn't mean I'll be cool with this.

"Mom!" I moaned.

"Look Justin!", Mom began sternly. "I don't want to force you but the media are going crazy claiming that you're too hung over her. You're giving her the satisfaction that she wants. Seeing you broken. While she's clinging on to every guy on sight". She took a deep breath,a deeper one and then sat down beside me.

"Look Justin baby,you'll meet her,talk to her and get to know her a bit better. If you like her that's great but if you don't we'll find somebody else. It's entirely up to you." she said softly.

I suffocated her in a bear hug. I felt so guilty. I had effected everybody's moods,cancelled so many concerts and broken so many hearts.

This was not me. I was the happy go lucky,always hyper Justin. Not the sad depressed one that let heartbreak get the best of him.

I was going to try my hardest to going back to being me.

"Is it going to help?" I asked her.

"Yeah.It'll sure get the media off our backs and we'll be back on track. Besides baby it'll keep your minds off things", she answered.

"Yes", I said.

"Yes?" she questioned. "Yes,I'll do this", I clarified.

"You won't regret it. She's an amazing girl!" Mom exclaimed.

I know mom,I know I thought.

She kissed my cheek.

"Sorry," I mumbled."For ruining everything," I added.

"No baby everyone needs time to grieve", she stated. She patted my back and skipped out the room.

 "Justin's back!!!" I heard her scream. Followed by a chorus of screams,crying and just celebration. I cracked a smile. A real one. It felt good. I was done moping.

But that one name rang around in my head. "Kenzie Brooks".

All I could see were her midnight blue eyes.

And they haunted my dreams that night.

Not that I minded. ;)



Hope you liked! :)

I have plans for this story! :D

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Love you all! xx

Areej xx 




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