Togther Forever

*Sequel To Adopted by Louis Tomlinson* It has been a year. Liam still hasn't regained his memory. Abby is losing hope that Liam will ever remember. They all love Bradford so everyone bought a house. Liam he is falling more and more in love with Abby but is afraid that he will lose her. How far will he go to keep Abby? Will he screw it up or will Abby finally have hope?


9. Chapter 7

*Louis's pov*

"You're going to have a mother Abby! Eleanor and I are going to get married!" I shouted.

Liam shifted and stood behind Abby and grabbed her hands covering them.

"Wait" I said, absolutely confused as to what was happening,"Liam, Abby, what did I miss?"

The biggest smile came on my baby girl's face that I've seen. No... Yes! He did it! He finally did it! We had been discussing it for months now. I figured that out when I saw that smile. My beautiful baby girl's smile. Even though she wasn't my child, she felt like it. She would be 19 soon, and they would be married then.

I saw excitement dancing through her eyes. Liam would be good for her, a good father as well. He was strong and knew how to help her when she had nightmares.

"Lou, I think you know what's going on." Liam told me

"Indeed I do. Indeed I do." I replied. Eleanor walked in the room.

"Abby! I'm going to be your mother!" Eleanor shouted grabbing Abby's hands.

"It seems we've missed something else we've been denying for a long time, El." I said.

Abby looked at Eleanor and they both screamed. They were so excited. Both of them were to be wed, and very soon. The best part of it was both of my girls are happy.

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