Togther Forever

*Sequel To Adopted by Louis Tomlinson* It has been a year. Liam still hasn't regained his memory. Abby is losing hope that Liam will ever remember. They all love Bradford so everyone bought a house. Liam he is falling more and more in love with Abby but is afraid that he will lose her. How far will he go to keep Abby? Will he screw it up or will Abby finally have hope?


16. Chapter 14

*Louis's pov*

Finally my baby can get help. She goes to therapy today. She needs it and we got her with one of the best. We know cutting is bad but now Eleanor and I are going to figure out why she did it. We had no clue but some ideas.

After 3 grueling hours of waiting for my baby to come out she finally came out with a smile on her face. That precious smile. The therapist called Eleanor and I in.

"Now I understand that you Mr. Tomlinson are her adoptive father. She has no mother then I presume?"

"Actually sir, she will soon. My lovely fiancée Eleanor and I are getting married soon. We've been together since before we got Abby. So she's always been around."

"Alright. This is very critical. I see now. Abby is suffering from holding everything in. She held in what happened at her orphanage and missing her biological family and what recently happened. Being kidnapped, seeing Liam shot and the coma absolutely killed her on the inside."

"Sir, I'm not meaning to sound rude but these are things we already knew."

"I know I'm just letting you know her holding it in is what lead to these events. She seems to be better since she told me everything that was going on. So she should be aright. If anything else goes wrong, here's my card."

Finally, my baby can not have to worry about all of this stuff anymore. She can be free.

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