A Bad Boy May Be Good For You

You never know who to fall in love with, but me with a bad boy? HAHAHA no.


4. Saturday With The Boys and Zayn

I woke up the same way I fell asleep yesterday. In Zayn' s arms. He looked at me. "Good Morning Beautiful." He said in his sleepy British voice. "Good Morning Zayn." I said smiling. I checked the time and it was 12:37 pm. I got up quickly and took my phone. Seventeen text messages! I called Harry. He answered.

Harry: Where are you?!

Me: I'm so sorry Harry! I'm running late!

Harry: No shit Sherlock! We've been worried sick! 

Me: I'm home. 

Zayn: "Tell Harry to get his knickers fixed. He's such a mom"

Harry: Who is that? Wait, YOU'RE NOT WITH ZAYN ARE YOU?!

Me: Maybe...

Harry: WE TOLD YOU NOT TO GO NEAR HIM! GET YOUR ARSE HERE!! And he hung up. "I have to go." I said. "I'll come with you." He said. "You don't have any clothes, only the tux." "Then I'll go in the tux." He said getting ready. I went to the bath, took a shower and got dressed. We left and got to the mall. I saw Harry and he was furious. Zayn held my hand. Harry looked at my way and he got more furious. "What is he doing here?" Harry asked. "He stayed the night at my place." I said. Liam and Niall made and uh-oh sound. "YOU LET THAT BASTARD IN YOUR HOUSE?!" He screamed at me. "Hey, don't use that tone with her!" Zayn said shoving Harry. They started fighting. I went in between them and Zayn threw a punch, not realizing I was there, and he knocked me out. 

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