A Bad Boy May Be Good For You

You never know who to fall in love with, but me with a bad boy? HAHAHA no.


2. Malik Hitting On Me?

The rest of the week went by quickly. The boys and I are now best friends. They're so nice to me. And a few other boys have been asking me out, but I've refused. I have to admit, I kind of like Harry. He's sweet, cute, hot, and funny. And he keeps looking at me differently. But he has a girlfriend, so I don't have any chance with him. On Saturday, I was going to hang out with the boys at the mall. Today, Friday, I had a party of my dad. The last bell of the day rang and I took my things and left. I waited outside. It was cold and I shivered. I checked the time and it was 3:45. My dad was late. I sighed and started walking. I then heard footsteps behind me. I ignored them until the person behind me patted my shoulder. I turned around and saw Zayn. "Hello sexy. What are you doing here all alone?" He asked with a smile. "Going home." I said and walked away. "Hey, I just want to chat." He said catching up with me. "Well, I don't. I have better things to do, now if you'll excuse me, I have to go." I said and walked faster. "Persistent little bastard." I said under my breath. I got home and took a nice, long bath. I went to my closet and took out a dress that was blue and black. I fixed my hair into curls. I put on black eyeliner and red lipstick. I put on black heels and checked the time. It was now 7:35pm and we had to leave. I took my phone and put on my favorite necklace and left. We took the limo to the party place. We got there and went to the party. I sat down and checked my phone. I checked Facebook. I Had thirty friend requests. I accepted some, which I know, and checked the last one. Zayn Malik. I ignored it and locked my phone. I looked around and saw the least expected thing. Zayn was here. He had a tux covering all his tattoos and his piercings were off. He looked handsome. He looked around and locked eyes with me. He excused himself and came towards me. He sat down in front of me. "My oh my... don't you look dashing?" He said to me. I scoffed and ignored his comment. "Why are you playing hard to get? I'm just trying to be nice." He said. "Why are you trying to get in my pants? It's not going to work." I said mocking his tone. He smirked. I rolled my eyes. "Give me one night and I'll show you I'm not what you think." He said holding my hand. I looked at his hazel eyes and sighed. "Fine. But at the first disgusting thing, I'm leaving." I said. He smiled. This is going to be a long night...

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