A Bad Boy May Be Good For You

You never know who to fall in love with, but me with a bad boy? HAHAHA no.


9. Being Romantic

Zayn' s POV.


What have I done?! I just called Leea Destiny! She's going to hate me forever. I got up and ran after her. "What the fuck Zayn?! There I was having sex with you and you just called me Destiny?!" She screamed at me. "I'm sorry Leea. I didn't mean to." "Oh, you didn't mean to?" She said sarcastically. Harry walked in and said, "What's going on?" "None of your business Styles." "Hey don't take it out on me!" He said.

I looked at Leea and she was packing her stuff.

"We are leaving tonight." She said mad. I just stood there like a complete fool. I put on some clothes and stormed out. I will make it up to her. I had her car keys so i drove to the nearest flower shop and bought 20 dozens of white roses. Those are her favorite. Then, I went to jewelry store and bought a necklace with a little sapphire. I know I can't buy her, but I've been meaning to get her a necklace for Christmas. I went back and i saw that her and Harry had left for a walk. (Their things were still here) I took this chance and cooked her favorite dinner which was steak and shrimp with some mashed potatoes. Then, I took a shower and put on my tuxedo. I hope she likes this.


~Later that night~

Everything was arranged and she got home.


"What is this?" She said as she looked at the trail of roses and candles i made for her. I put a trail of notes saying things that are amazing about her. She picked the first one and smiled. "Your smile." Then I turned the radio on and When I See You Smile came on. I sang along and walked towards her when she finished picking up the notes. 

"Leea Rae Di Angelo, I made the worst mistake I have ever made. She means nothing to me. You are my one and only. You have made me a better human being. I LOVE YOU! Leea, I absolutely adore you. In every single way." I said as she looked at me, her glasses wet with tears. She smiled. Oh, that gorgeous smile of hers. 

"I love you too, Zayn." She said and kissed me. 

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