best boy friend or not

this is a liam payne fanfic


6. studios

it seems like forever befor you arrived at the studios. finally we'r here.i get out of the car.ready jade 

liam ask. ready for what? RUN!niall shouts. liam took my hand and starts too run i looked behind me

and saw like a 1000 fans chasing us. liam look at me laughing get it now yup and we both start to sprint to the door when we were finally inside the studios i was exhausted. when  louis start recording his solo i began to sing whit him. de rest of the boy were looking at me me. we i realized that tey were watching me i blush and excused me. am sorry. i said. no it was beautiful. harry says. really?

yeah it was really really good. liam said i blush even harder. ooooh not sooo shy zayn says


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