Can You Be A Hero?

I believe that we take the people around us for granted at times. It isn't something that is uncommon, but I would just like to highlight the fact that some of the people we know could be heroes, but we just don't know it because they would never share their story openly. This poem is about a 'boy who was in a bad place' and a girl who came by one day and saved him. I hope you enjoy - please like and comment :)


1. Can You Be A Hero?

Firemen, doctors and scientists

They are all so alike

All labelled as heroes 

Because they save someone's life.


But there are others

Who remain in the dark

And people never see

The things that they have done.


There once was a boy

Who was in a bad place

He never felt happiness or joy

If he did it never showed on his face.


He spent his time alone

He didn't have a single friend

All he ever felt was misery

He prayed for his life to end.


A girl came across him one day

And she couldn't comprehend

Why he was all on his own

Did he just need a friend?


She did not leave him

Instead she sat down

Wondering what she could do

To rid him of his frown.


She introduced herself

And saw shock in his eyes

No one had ever spoken to him

This really was a surprise.


What could she possibly want

From someone like him?

He was a freak

He didn't fit in.


Weeks went by

And they started to speak

She listened to his sadness

She would hold him and he would weep.


It took quite some time

But his misery started to fade

All because of this girl

This girl he met one day.


He doesn't spend his days alone

No, not any more

Because she is with him

And she makes life bearable.


This girl was amazing

And not many know her story

About how she saved this boy

She never asked for glory.


She did this 

Out of the kindness of her heart

She saw he needed someone

And now they are never apart.


Is your heart full of kindness?

Or is it made of ice?

Can you be a hero?

Can you save a life?

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