i cant

Short story about a boy who has.to deal with abuse and bullying an other stuff.


1. i cant.....

The brisk morning wind blew against the house, rattling the one window on his room. He wasn't asleep. He couldn't even try lately.  He just listened to the dangerous sounds that waited outside. He heard the counties mournful howl and the rustling of the trees.  He listened to the loud sirens who tried to protect the city from all of its dangers but ignored the greatest can bet of   all that just lived in the basement below his room. The boy is 15. His mom wasn't home. She went for.a.drive six years ago and never came back. The guy driving the semi wasn't paying attention and he small car was wrapped around a big tree. He missed her. She was the only thing that kept him sane. She was his rock. She was the only one who loved him. Now he's trapped.in a hell hole with Satan himself. His step dad lived in the basement. The man that left black and blue all over the boys skin. The man left small white lines trailing all over the boys limbs. There was no where the poor boy could escape to where be couldn't anger his step dad.   There was no where he could run to where he couldn't find him. The boy also has to deal with school. The bullying never stop. The harsh words drained the personality straight from his body. They destroyed his conFidence and.made his wrists seep with red. 

There was nothing in his life that he loved.any more. We.except her. Allison.  His best friend since birth. He couldn't live without her. She was shade in a desert to him. She was oxygen under water. She was a way of living with no pain. She was the only thing that is still good in his life. He relied on her mom ever since his mom. And he has fallen in love with the girl.  She was everything to him

He was now.lying on his one cold.mantras in the attic thinking about her beautiful smile.

The door slammed open and he shot up in his bed to see his wasted step father standing in the doorway. He smiled.his demon like smile. He was definitely drunk beyond comprehension. 

"Were ending this tonight Alex" the step dad smiled as he said this to the boy

Alex shivered in fear. The step dad stumbled forward and grabbed poor Alex by the neck  and pulled him from the bed. The blankets still wrapped around Alex's legs as he.kicked with all his might. BAM! The step dad threw Alex against the wall. The cracking of his unprotected.skull sou.Fed like it could be heard from miles away.  The step dad chuckled and e tied the room.

"You aren't my father Dave." Alex said in a weak voice that was too small for travel to hear.

He was done. Alex got up and stumbled to his drawer. He pulled out a small handgun and shoved it in hos jacket. The rest was.a.blur

 All he knew was that he was now at the park and he had no memory of getting there. The ache of his feet told him that he most likely walked. 

He held the gun to his temple. It.was ready to fire. The key to hos death was withheld by that small metal trigger. He was pulling back when he heard a slight shriek and the gun being yanked.from his hands.

"No you can't leave me that easily, Alex. I love you too much. I need you you can't leave me." A familiar girl said. 

Alex looked.up to see Allison and her tear stained face. He had.forgotten that she loved to walk in the park at night. Joy rose up inside him and he just could not.control the tears. He placed his head in the crook of his neck and started bawling

"I can't." He said 



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